Class of 2021 Valedictorian Proves Mettle
The Selkirk College Class of 2021 is taking a collective step forward into a world of opportunity after months of exhibiting resilience that required fortitude on an unmatched level. A fitting representative for the Class of 2021, Selkirk College valedictorian Adrian Moyls knows plenty about overcoming struggle to find success. —June 16, 2021
Excellence in Times of Adversity
Amid the challenges of an unusual year in post-secondary, educators have overcome barriers thrust upon them by focusing on excellence in teaching to ensure students emerge with pathways to success. This year's NISOD Excellence Award winners include Alison Roy, Lawrence Zaytsoff, Doug Henderson and Caroline Barabonow.—April 26, 2021
Taking Lead in Effort to Create a Better Planet
Adding a vital voice to the concerted worldwide effort to create a more sustainable and just planet, Selkirk College is leading the way amongst Canada’s post-secondary institutions by showing that strong local efforts can contribute to global goal by signing onto the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).—April 22, 2021
New Sound Panels Going Up in The Pit
The more raucous days on the Castlegar Campus will soon return and when learners once again fill The Pit with study sessions, small talk and laughter, the din will be diminished thanks to the skills of Facilities Maintenance Tech Bob Kalmakoff. Sprucing up the area with a practical solution for sound has come to reality at the campus hub.—April 20, 2021
Sustainability Champions Recognized for Impact
Building on its commitment of environmental sustainability, Selkirk College is recognizing a pair of exemplary stewards who advanced the institution’s goals over the last year. The 2021 winners are Director of Facilities Ron Zaitsoff and Recreation, Fish & Wildlife Program student Zoë Leech.—April 20, 2021
President Graeme’s Contract Extended to Spring 2022
After more than a decade of dedicated post-secondary leadership, Selkirk College President Angus Graeme has announced plans to step down in May 2022. Graeme’s current five-year contract expires this spring, but he has agreed to stay on an extra year to help provide post-pandemic recovery leadership in the region. —March 15, 2021
Selkirk College and the Cultures of Smoking
A new report released by the University of Victoria’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research sheds some important light on how students at Selkirk College view smoking. The 24-page document is titled Smoking in the Post-Secondary Context: A Report for The Cultures of Smoking Project.—July 3, 2019