Mural Project Reflects Healthy Campus Experience
A new splash of colour and creativity at Selkirk College’s Castlegar Campus is places focus on what it means to have a healthy campus experience. Over the summer, School of Health & Human Services instructor Matty Hillman pulled together five students for a mural and research project that explored both individual health and campus health.—November 28, 2018
Alumni Embark on International Internships
The importance and value of young Canadians placing a focus on global issues continues to be a priority for senior levels of government with the creation of international internships that provide essential work, develop new skills and result in vital knowledge.—June 11, 2018
Leading the Charge for a Changing Forest Industry
The future of the forest industry in British Columbia is fast changing and with a $2 million grant from the federal government, Selkirk College will now take the lead in making sure that the region's sector remains competitive and becomes a leader in the years ahead. Partnerships are key moving forward.—May 29, 2018