Preparing for Pay Transparency

Aligning With the Pay Transparency Act 


Last year, the province passed legislation designed to close the gender pay gap. This will require employers to complete and publicly post annual transparency reports that contain calculations pertaining to salary, bonus pay, and overtime pay analyzed in relation to gender. 

Employers of our size are required to complete and post this report by November 1, 2025.  

What data will be collected? 

Consistent with the Province’s Gender and Sex Data Standard, we will be asking for employees to identify their gender or let us know if they prefer not to answer. We will make it clear that this disclosure is voluntary, and that if someone chooses not to respond, their information will be aggregated into an ‘unknown gender’ category for reporting purposes. Data will be stored securely in Unit4 and extracted to be analyzed in the aggregate.  

During the first year of reporting, we are required to make reasonable efforts to collect information necessary for the report, to collect information at the time of hiring, and to provide each employee with the opportunity to provide or update the information each calendar year.  

Timelines & Implementation 

With a reporting deadline of November 1, 2025, we plan to begin our reporting year on September 1, 2024, with an end-date of August 31, 2025. Between now and September, we will be discussing this initiative with key stakeholders. We will also be working closely with our systems team to build out the functionality in Unit4 to ensure a smooth and secure experience for employees. 

Can you share more information about what this will look like? 

The six largest crown corporations and the BC Public Service have already posted their reports, which are available online for reference. 

If you have recently applied for a new job at the college, you will also have noticed that there is a new question asking for you to indicate your gender or let us know if you would prefer not to answer. This, too, helps us meet our goals to be an equitable, diverse and inclusive employer.  

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Marta Abel.