Operational Updates

Early Alert Aims to Connect Students Needing Help
Are you concerned about a student? Maybe they aren't coming to class or haven't signed into their online course. They may seem distressed or overwhelmed. The Early Alert Program is here to help.—September 8, 2017
Understanding Depression
Everybody goes through ups and downs in their lives, but normal life experiences shouldn’t be confused with the serious mental disorder known as Depression.—August 24, 2017
Guiding Employees Through Change
As organizations evolve to keep up with a marketplace – indeed, with the world – advancing at lightning speed, they are constantly seeking new, better and more efficient methods, processes and procedures for the workplace. It’s resulted in something that affects nearly every employee in every industry: the inevitability of change.—August 24, 2017
Library Launches Discovery
The Library has launched Discovery, a search layer that lets you search all library resources at once. You can now search all of our databases and our book catalogue in one step.—August 24, 2017
Service Dogs Approved for Campus this Fall
This fall, Selkirk College will have up to two service dogs working on the Castlegar campus. —August 15, 2017
Youth, Teens and Mental Health
It's no secret that emotions and actions of youth and teenagers can be a dizzying array of ups and downs, quirks and contradictions. But some behaviours are not a normal part of growing up.—August 10, 2017
Submitting Benefits Claims Online with Manulife
Submitting claims just got easier! Now you can save time and get faster refunds by submitting ALL your claims online or through Manulife Mobile. —August 9, 2017
Celebratory Year Comes to Close
Selkirk College spent the past year celebrating a major milestone - our 50th Anniversary. And now, that year has come to a close.—June 21, 2017
Funding for Professional Development
There are many opportunities for staff to access support for professional development through Selkirk College. Learn more!—June 14, 2017