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Brier Albano Named Associate Vice President, Student Success

Brier’s career started as an admissions & recruitment officer at the University of Calgary and progressed into the team lead for recruitment which then led to four years overseas as University of Calgary’s senior student service officer in Qatar. Upon her arrival back to Canada she landed in Medicine Hat as the articulation & prior learning assessment advisor. She was promoted to assistant registrar with a focus on student engagement and then to associate registrar where she oversaw many aspects of the registrar’s office starting in 2015. Brier arrived to the role of Selkirk College registrar in August 2021.

Brier has accepted the appointment of Associate Vice President, Student Success. She will begin her new role April 3, 2023, allowing us time to start recruitment for the Registrar. Brier has been an outstanding member of our team since she started as Registrar and I am excited to work together to build the student division.


Congratulations Brier!


Taya Whitehead

Vice-President, Education & Students