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Andrea Maxie Named Chair of School of Academic Upgrading & Development

Congratulations to Andrea Maxie on Her New Role


Many of you have already worked alongside Andrea in her role as Intake Instructor and witnessed her thorough and thoughtful approach as she's helped usher in our current system for intake through ups and downs, all while keeping students and access front and centre. Perhaps you've engaged with Andrea as an instructor in Kaslo or Nelson or as coordinator of our first Pathway to Practical Nursing program this past year. With any luck, you've had the chance to chat more casually with Andrea about some of her passions, like sports, nature, humans or the convergence of all three!  

Building on her experience supporting students at Selkirk and at Trent University, Andrea will bring a calm, creative and forward-thinking lens to the work we do together. I am confident she'll make a great addition to the deans and chairs team! 

Personally, I am exceedingly grateful that Andrea has stepped up to take on the challenges, envision the opportunities and steer the course for AUD programs (Academic Upgrading & Development) in the coming years.  

In advance, thank you to everyone for helping Andrea to enjoy a smooth transition into the chair role. 


Allison Alder, BSc, MBA (she/her)  

Dean of School of University Arts and Science, School of Academic Upgrading and Development, and the Mir Centre for Peace