Strategic Plan Development: What We Heard

Explore the Major Themes Emerging from Consultation


Thanks again to all of those who participated in a consultation session or completed an online survey for the new strategic plan. Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA) have analyzed the bulk of the data and created What We Heard: Building the Next Selkirk College Strategic Plan Together.

The document contains three major themes that arose from the consultations, and it’s important to see how effectively these themes resonate with people. Please read it and take a moment to provide some feedback on whether it captures the current pulse and desired goals of Selkirk College.

What We Heard doesn’t contain any goals or tactics at this time. It’s still very high level—it’s meant to provide a foundation from which to build a draft plan over the summer.

Many survey participants contributed suggestions around how Selkirk College can do things better, and the consultants grouped those into a couple dozen representative areas. These are things to explore in upcoming operational plans, regardless of what the strategy is.

Please note that these don’t reflect every single idea that was received, but they represent the most common themes.  

Suggestions for Improving Selkirk College (from the Strategic Plan Consultation Process, February-May 2024)

  • Develop a structure to evaluate current processes, assets, services, programs and infrastructure and focus on the ones that advance the college’s strategic position. 
  • Ensure there are documented business processes to support IT improvements and enhancements.
  • Decide on a distinct identity for Selkirk College and align processes, offerings, services and marketing around it.
  • Review student support services to foster best practices. 
  • Develop a strategic enrolment plan that aligns with Selkirk College’s chosen “distinctiveness” strategy.
  • Conduct a comprehensive program/course offering review to promote distinction and strengths. 
  • Conduct an organizational review to identify and assess strengths, redundancies and organizational alignment. 
  • Develop a more intentional, aligned internal and external communications plan. Deliver marketing efforts more strategically.
  • Ensure that programs and services that can generate revenues are doing so, while still being accessible to students and community.
  • Offer more flexible learning opportunities (e.g., hy-flex, more stackable credentials, evening courses, etc.). 
  • Increase transparency and clarity for pathways/transfers.
  • Capitalize on geographic location with on-the-land learning and increase WIL, internship and co-op opportunities across all schools.
  • Double down on the notion of “sustainable Selkirk.”
  • Offer more student housing.
  • Give facilities an external facelift to upgrade appearance, increase student perceptions of being “state-of-the-art.”
  • Address transportation/busing access. 
  • Deepen commitments and industry-aligned applied research and community partnership opportunities.
  • Invest in a more “lively campus” (e.g., develop on-campus activities, athletics, student pub, student hub, etc.). 
  • Review and commit to Indigenization initiatives.
  • Continue to advance the goals of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and accessibility.
  • Increase summer programming to build pipeline of future students (e.g., youth programming). 
  • Develop more scholarship opportunities.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts on how we can make Selkirk College a better place to learn and work.