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Building Working Relationships 

Tuesday, November 28, 12–1 pm 

Every time we interact with someone, there is an opportunity to build or damage a relationship. Improving the quality of relationships in the workplace can enhance productivity and reduce conflict. This session will review three key tools that can build relationships, offer tips on how to use these tools effectively and help you develop strategies to address relationship challenges. 

Ronaye Coulson holds a Master of Science in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary. Ronaye conducted research in the field of resilience for over six years and continues to share this knowledge and philosophy through webinar and workshop facilitation, public speaking, and in working as a therapist for over 15 years. Her passion is people, and how connection, meaning and working with our innate capacities helps us grow and thrive with more joy and ease in our lives. 

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Improving Workplace Communications 

Tuesday, December 5, 12–1 pm 

Review the key skills that enhance our ability to work well with others. This session will offer tips for speaking confidently and assertively, creating a supportive communication climate, listening effectively and asking clear questions. 

Shayla S. Dube (BSW, MSW, RCSW) is an interprovincially licensed clinical social worker with over 12 years’ experience of psychotherapy practice, working with children, youth, their families, adults and organizations in multifaceted capacities. Rooted in an African Canadian worldview and grounded in multiculturalism and Indigenous ways of knowing, Shayla is passionate about decolonizing mental health and wellness services using culturally responsive and anti-oppressive healing-centred approaches that cultivate the integration of intersectionality to foster equitable human co-existence, collective healing and conscious togetherness.  

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