Education & Students Division Streamlines Meeting Processes

From the desk of Brier Albano, Associate Vice-President, Student Success

The goal of revisiting the Education & Student Division meeting structure is to ensure meeting topics focus on relevant content for the right audiences. We realized we had been doing what we’ve always done and scope creep created an opportunity to regroup for increased communication and discussion without increasing time in meetings. Good time management will work to support broad transparency and discussion with our larger Education & Student teams as well.

Education & Students will be the deans, directors, chairs, department heads, managers and more that make up the Education & Students team. The Education team will focus on deans, chairs, Selkirk Innovates, Selkirk International and the Student team will focus on student engagement and wellness, Registrar’s Office, library and institutional research.


Brier Albano

Associate Vice-President, Student Success