Employee Communications Initiative Streamlines Engagement

Optimize Your Newsletter Experience


The recent Organizational Climate Survey showed that employees value being informed and connected. A new employee communications initiative is focused on organizing and presenting college information, projects and events in a timely and meaningful way. The employee newsletter is one of the first steps in streamlining these communications.

“There is so much to know about our shared work at Selkirk College, and we are aiming to support all employees by making sure that information is accessible, relevant and timely” says Maggie Keczan, director of communications & public engagement. “Based on feedback from the survey, we’re working with a community of practice with representatives from across the college on refining content delivery, and we’ve increased the frequency of the newsletter to once a week. Streamlined communications create a shared understanding and help us grow together.”

Employee Communications

Marta Abel, people, culture and organizational development advisor; Claire Philipson, digital communications coordinator; Maggie Keczan, director of communications & public engagement

Make the Most of Your Newsletter Experience

Do important emails from get buried in your “Other” inbox instead of landing in your main, or “Focused,” inbox? Or perhaps you’ve been reading the weekly newsletter and wondering, “Where are the pictures?”

Here's a quick guide to ensure you catch all the essential updates, announcements and other critical information from Selkirk College!

Ensure the Email Arrives in Your “Focused” Inbox

Keep an eye out for emails from—the go-to address used for college updates and vital information. The email may appear in your “Focused” inbox or in your “Other” inbox according to Microsoft Outlook’s mysterious algorithm. If the message appears in your “Other” inbox, here is how to fix that:

Hover over the message and right-click.

Hover over “Move,” and then select “Always move to Focused inbox.” (Note that depending on how many folders you have, you may need to look quite far down the list to see the “Move” option.)

Activate Images

Not seeing the images in the newsletter? Follow these steps.

Look for a message at the very top of your email that says (in very small letters) “Some content in this message has been blocked because the sender isn’t in your Safe senders list. | trust content from | Show blocked content.”

Click on the text that reads “trust content from”

Enjoy the Connection

You should be all set up now to enjoy an optimized newsletter experience!

If you have important information to share with your colleagues, visit the Marketing & Communications Service Desk and click “I have a message for employees.”