Early Alert Opens All Year-Round

Connect Students with Supports


Early Alert, Selkirk College's online referral system, is now open year-round, rather than only during the first few weeks of a term.

Early Alert helps connect students who may be facing challenges in their courses or programs with appropriate college services. Often, academic difficulties are linked to other issues in a student’s life and can result in poor attendance, low exam results or stress and anxiety. The earlier these issues are addressed, the greater a student’s chance of success. 

Who Can Use Early Alert? 

Any Selkirk College employee who has concerns about a student’s ability to succeed in their program may submit the simple online form. A member of Student Access & Support will make every effort to contact students directly, touch base and connect them with supports offered at Selkirk College.

When Can I Make a Referral?

Early Alert is open year-round, but instructors are encouraged to evaluate students early in the term to help identify those who may need extra support. Focusing on the first few weeks can help students make changes that may improve their performance before they fall too far behind. 


For more information about Student Access & Support, visit the Learning Resource Centre.

If you have any questions, please visit Early Alert or email Laurie Jarvis at