Celebrate Academic Integrity Week!

Learn, Connect and Share Resources on Academic Integrity


Academic Integrity Week, which runs from October 16–October 20, is an opportunity to reflect on the six core values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage and their foundational role in an effective academic community.

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Connect with colleagues in post-secondary to learn, connect and share resources and best practices on academic integrity. This year, many of the virtual sessions will include academic integrity considerations in the use of generative artificial intelligence tools.

Academic Integrity in the Age of Generative AI

Growing access to generative AI tools‑which are used to create new content‑raises questions for instructors and students around plagiarism, misinformation, implicit bias, digital equity and more. The college’s AI working group is focusing on creating resources and guidelines to help students and instructors navigate these tools in a way that centres academic integrity.

“Academic integrity is the foundation that guides all learners, so that is why I am so excited that we have been bringing together students, instructors and leadership to reimagine what academic integrity means to all of us at Selkirk College,” says Tammie Clarke, dean of the School of Health and Human Services and the Teaching & Learning Centre. “We want to ensure all learners have an opportunity to be creative and courageous throughout their academic journey while remaining trustworthy, honest, respectful and always taking personal responsibility. These values encompass the entire learning experience and therefore apply to all members of the Selkirk College community.”

Learn more about academic integrity and get resources for employees and students.