Cafeteria Menu Changes Reflect College Commitments

Selkirk College is proudly helping to reduce both environmental and social impacts of food production, grow agricultural businesses and local economy and contribute to greater food security for the region and province.

Our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger is the driving force behind changes in the cafeteria menus this fall. Access to affordable, nutritious, and convenient on-campus meal options directly support student, staff and faculty well-being, happiness and academic success. Through our partnership with Feed BC, we have prioritized incorporating locally produced, BC grown products into our menus. We’ve created diverse daily menu features that represent multicultural flavours and dietary preferences (e.g., Meatless Monday). Where possible, ingredients used are in season and at their peak nutrition and flavour. 

We also donate unsold food to students at the end of each week and collect money for the Student Food Pantry. The reusable container program is continuing and we are offering 10% off hot beverage purchases to those who bring their own mug.

Jenny Chapman, Ancillary Services Assistant Manager


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