Staff Bios Provide Deeper Connection

Tips & Guidance For Creating a Solid Staff Website Bio


Website bios are an important part of the college’s connection to current students, future students, colleagues, alumni and the community.

Selkirk College’s core values put an emphasis on delivering an education that builds relationships. With this in mind, many current and future students want to know who the people are in this wonderful neighbourhood. Staff bios on the website are one important way to build that connection.

The optimum length of a bio is between 250-350 word and allows the reader brief insight into your personal background, your expertise, your duties, your community connections and your personal interests.

Website Bio Example

You can find some quality examples of bios that build connection by checking out what your colleagues have done: Jocelyn SchroederEmily Millard and Bob Hall.

As you prepare your bio, think about filling in these blanks:

  • Your background prior to working at the college and how it pertains to the work you do at Selkirk College.
  • The current work you do at Selkirk College.
  • Achievements related to your work at Selkirk College.
  • Work/volunteer activity you do outside of the college.
  • Your life outside Selkirk College that you are comfortable with sharing (family, hobbies, sports, interests, etc).
  • The best part about working at Selkirk College.

What to avoid:

  • Do not write in first-person. Though somewhat awkward, please write in third-person.
  • Do not include information that is quickly outdated. A common example is emphasizing when you started working at Selkirk College. It’s okay to mention when you started working here, but avoid making that fact prominent.
  • Just as important as the words are the faces. Selkirk College prides itself on its connections with students, the community and each other. The faces of the people who work here are important when making those connections. It is more welcoming and ultimately helps the overall success of the college if we include a photo.

You are welcome to submit your own bio photo, but here are some important guidelines:

  • Please don’t include photos with sunglasses or hats.
  • Standard vertical portrait photos are best.
  • High resolution jpegs are essential.

Get started today by heading the Marketing & Communications Help Desk where you will find "I have a website bio to submit" button.

Communications Coordinator Bob Hall is available to take a staff bio photo of you when availability allows. If you have any questions about website bios or would like additional assistance please contact Bob at