College Devices and a Commitment to Security

Maintaining a Robust and Secure Digital Environment


—From the desk of Nick Howald, Chief Information Officer (CIO) 

Do you have or are you expecting a college-issued device? College devices are an important part of our commitment to enhanced security measures and the protection of sensitive information.

Our approach to device management gives us visibility on all devices, allowing us to identify if one goes missing or needs a security update. Managing devices allows us to ensure that every device connected to our network or used by our staff and students meets the necessary security standards, mitigating potential risks associated with unmanaged devices.

Unmanaged devices will only be deployed with explicit permission from the CIO.

If you would like to request a new device, please submit an IT Services ticket. The request will be reviewed, and upon approval, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure a secure integration into our network.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we strive to maintain a robust and secure digital environment for our entire community.