Marketing & Communications Planning Period

The Service Desk Will be Paused from June 10-21, 2024


The Communications & Public Engagement Department, which includes the Marketing, Communications and Advancement teams, will be planning for the 2024/25 year from June 10-21. During this period, no new requests will be started.

The teams will be taking this time to focus on a range of initiatives, including:

  • Campaign planning
  • Student-focused communications plans
  • Policy and procedure renewal and development
  • Template refreshes
  • Select website content reconfiguration
  • Print and promotional materials inventory
  • Visual identity refinement
  • Fund development planning
  • Business process review

If you have an open, time-sensitive request, all efforts will be made to resolve it before June 10. Any new requests can be submitted after June 21.

The employee newsletter will still be sent during this period.