Welcome to the Wellness Room

You Could Win the Massage Chair for Your Campus! 


If you spend time on the Castlegar Campus, you may have noticed the “Wellness Room.” 

This room, located at O-120, features calming decor, natural lighting and the coveted Selkirk College massage chair (and instructions for use). This room is available for quiet breaks and recharging. There is currently no key or booking system—we rely on employees and students to use it responsibly and take turns where needed. 

Last year, at the Employee Welcome Back BBQ, through a series of games and raffles, an employee “won” one year of the massage chair at their local campus. The Facilities Team transported the chair from its former location on the Tenth Street Campus and set it up on the Castlegar Campus along with a calming space in which it could be enjoyed.  

Want to bring the chair to your campus? Save the date for the Employee Welcome Back BBQ to kick off the Fall Term where there will be another opportunity to claim the chair. In the meantime, stop by O-120 for a wellness break!