Wildfire Smoke in College Region

Help Ensure a Safe Work Environment


On August 16, 2023 the Selkirk College region was blanketed with smoke from wildfires burning across the province. Winds moved the heavy haze into the area, where it has settled resulting in special air quality advisories from Environment Canada.

Campus Wildfire Smoke

From the desk of Vice President of College Services Kerry Clarke (August 16, 2023)…

In light of the ongoing wildfire situation in BC, we find ourselves contending with elevated levels of wildfire smoke within our region. As an institution, the college follows WorkSafeBC wildfire smoke guidelines as well as those disseminated by the Province of BC. 

It's important to note that our college premises are equipped with ventilation systems boasting highly efficient filters designed to facilitate optimal air filtration. These systems function at their best capacity when the windows and doors throughout the buildings remain securely closed. This strategic approach aids in pressurizing the interior spaces, thereby minimizing the infiltration of external air.  

We kindly request your cooperation in refraining from utilizing the automatic door openers wherever feasible. Utilizing these openers can lead extensively to prolonged periods of open doors, allowing smoke to permeate into the building. 

Recognizing the potential effects of outdoor smoke exposure, we wish to highlight common symptoms such as eye, nose, and throat irritation. Additionally, headaches and aggravated allergies may arise. Short-term smoke exposure among workers typically results in transient symptoms that tend to subside once the smoke dissipates. If your work brings you outside for extended periods of time, we recommend adding indoor microbreaks to your day. 


Kerry Clarke