Secure and Accessible Printing with the Find Me Queue

Release Print Jobs When and Where You Need Them


At Selkirk College, printing is managed through an advanced system that allows for secure and accessible printing on all college lab and employee computers.

The Find Me print queue makes it possible to hold a print job in the queue until you sign into a printer and release it, which allows for secure printing in shared spaces. Unless you’re printing in a private office, please use the Find Me queue to print all your documents.

How Does It Work?

Find Me allows the print job to only be released by you using your Selkirk College user credentials or your staff ID badge (if you don’t have a staff ID badge, please request one).

Moving Between Campuses?

Find Me allows you to have your print jobs follow you.

Can’t Retrieve Your Print Job Right Away?

Send it to the Find Me print queue to release it on any compatible printer to fit your busy schedule.

IT Services also has a handy FAQ guide for printing-related questions.

Which Printers Support the Find Me Queue?

Any printers equipped with an interactive display and barcode reader will allow print release from the Find Me queue after you've logged into the printer.