Making the Most of Space

Working toward Space Utilization Goals


—From the desks of Vice President of Education & Students Taya Whitehead and Vice President Kerry Clarke.

Following our recent update on how the college can explore space utilization opportunities to better serve the college community, it’s time to start exploring what concrete actions the college can take to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan and the Campus Master Plan and the recommendations within the Selkirk College Space Utilization Study by third-party consultant Cresa.

Acting on the recommendations in the study will take bold moves. Some programs and departments may be relocated to support the college’s long-term goals, make the most of our spaces and optimize the student and employee experience.

An important theme in both the Campus Master Plan and the Cresa study is investing in the college’s owned buildings. This provides an opportunity to build equity, ensure the efficient operation and effective use of facilities, and invest in property improvements.

Continuing to modernize college infrastructure can have a large, positive impact on the whole college community. Investing in owned facilities opens up an array of possibilities, from welcoming student lounges to updated labs and from improved accessibility features to modernized learning spaces.

Students in Class

Space utilization changes have far-reaching impacts, and consultation will be a key aspect of the process. As this initiative unfolds and solutions emerge in the coming months and years, there will be channels to share your thoughts and ideas.

Targeted stakeholder feedback sessions will be launched in the coming months to gather feedback and share more details and plans they develop. We appreciate working together with you to improve the experience of the learners we serve.