Focusing on Wellness

Explore Wellness Initiatives and Resources


Wellness and well-being are different for everyone, but a common factor is that attending to the interconnected aspects of wellness can help us thrive. Not sure about the nine dimensions of wellness? Check out the Wellness Wheel! 

One of the resources that all Selkirk College employees—and their dependent family members—can access is Homewood Health, the Employee and Family Assistance Program.  

Learn all about how to access Homewood Health and explore the suite of available supports, including confidential counselling and coaching on a wide variety of topics. 

In addition to personalized services, Homewood Health has a library of informational resources. Every few weeks, we’ll highlight a new resource. 

Buidling Resilience

View a video that explains what resilience is, along with some tactics for cultivating it.  

Preventing Burnout

Learn from Homewood Health about tactics for preventing burnout.

Coping with Burnout

This week, check out a video about understanding burnout and how to cope with it. 

Dealing with Seasonal Depression 

Check out a video that explains seasonal depression and gives some pointers on how to deal with it.  

Stay tuned for more resources!