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Employee Welcomes & Role Changes

A wonderful place to work, Selkirk College is rich with talented folks who are committed to providing remarkable post-secondary education for students at all campuses and learning centres. It takes an enthusiastic and masterful team to carry out the multitude of diverse tasks that lead to success for learners. Let's meet some of the team!


May 2024

Kimberley Morris - Assistant Bookstore Coordinator, (Castlegar)

Shelby Jorgensen - Instructional Assistant, Pharmacy Technician Program, (Castlegar)

Jacob Oostvogels - Building Service Worker, Residence

Rena Vandenbos - School Chair, Environment & Geomatics, (Castlegar)

Aubrey Price - Associate Registrar - Recruitment, Admissions & Enrolment, (Castlegar)

Kate Nott - Program Coordinator, Academic Upgrading & Development

Mark Lada - Instructor, Pathway to Health & Human Services

April 2024

Alyssa Fenton - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Amy Gustafson - Instructor, Health Care Assistant (Trail)

Cassandra Armishaw - School Administrative Assistant, SEG & SSB (Castlegar)

Chad Cutler - Instructor Metal Fabrication, Relief (Nelson)

Colin Day - Instructor Carpentry, Relief (Nelson)

Doris Hausleitner - TLC Instructional Release

Edie Lowes - Instructor, Office Administration & Technology (Castlegar)

Jennifer Masini - Instructor, Pharmacy Technician Program (Castlegar)

Lena Sherstobitoff - Faculty, Mental Health & Substance Use (Castlegar)

Mark Dickieson - Instructor Carpentry, Relief (Nelson)

Muditha Heenkenda - Faculty, Geomatics in the Workplace (Castlegar)

Natasha Bidinoff-Gardiner - Building Service Worker, Residence - On-Call

Philip John Joaquin - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Rachel Walker - School Administrative Assistant, HHS & TLC (Castlegar)

Rich Perlstrom - Instructor Carpentry, Relief (Nelson)

Sarang Rana - Building Service Worker, Residence - On-Call

Selina Maendel - Building Service Worker, Residence - On-Call

Theresa Negreiff - Student Recruitment Coordinator, On-Call (Nelson)

Tunde Adeyemi - Building Service Worker, On-Call

March 2024

Rebecca Vassilakakis - Invigilator, On Call

Sydney Gillman - Invigilator, On Call

Tamara Childs - Counsellor, Casual

Shana Johnstone - Campus Service Representative, On-Call (Trail)

Dally Marie de Jesus - Welcome Centre Receptionist, On-Call (Castlegar)

Shana Johnstone - Welcome Centre Receptionist, On-Call (Castlegar)

Rachel Tetreault - Welcome Centre Receptionist, On-Call (Castlegar)

Marita Harinen - Instructor, Upgrading Mathematics (Nelson)

Irwin David - Building Service Worker (Nelson)

Josh Verigin - Health & Safety Coordinator, On-Call (Castlegar)

Jenna Beauchamp - Health & Safety Coordinator, On-Call (Castlegar)

Rich Gaumont - Maintenance Technician I, Carpentry (Castlegar)

Eden DuPont - Coordinator of Donor & Alumni Engagement (Nelson)

Julia Hein - Human Resources Advisor (Castlegar)

February 2024

Angel Desjarlais - Campus Service Representative, On-Call (Kaslo)

Malorie Moore - Counsellor, On-Call

Sally Cunningham - E-Learning Instructional Designer

Irwin David Joseph - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Joshua Verigin - Groundskeeper, On-Call

Gabrielle Gavreau - Food Service Worker - On-Call

Selina Maendel - Food Service Worker - On-Call

Sarah Relkoff - Bookstore Coordinator (Castlegar)

Rachel Nissenbaum - Advancement Operations Assistant (Nelson - Tenth Street)

Richard Kleef - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Noah McIntosh - Instructor, AUD

Michael Walker - Invigilator, On Call

Ami Kaup - Invigilator, On Call

Lena Sherstobitoff - Counsellor, Casual

Jonathan Mulleda - Technical Analyst (Castlegar)

Jessica Cripps - Building Service Worker

Kieran Menard - Building Service Worker (Nelson - Tenth Street Nelson)

Leah McInnis - Tutor, Writing Centre (Castlegar)


January 2024

Ryan DeJong - Instructor, Heavy Mechanical (Nelson)

Milane Kutcher -Sports Attendant, On-Call

Kirstie Leighton - Sports Attendant, On-Call

Atley King - Instructor, Private Vibraphone Lessons (Nelson)

Sharon Roberts - Faculty Arts, Entrepreneurship (Trail)

Penny Goupil - Invigilator, On Call


December 2023

Alanna Carmichael - Instructor, AUD - Relief

Corey Morrell - Instructor, AUD - Relief

Troy Taranoff - Instructor, Heavy Mechanical - Relief (Nelson)

Justine Phillips - Instructor, Convention, Sales & Catering (Nelson)

Danielle LaRocque - Instructor, AUD - Relief

Jonathan Ramos - Instructor, Digital Arts (Nelson)

Andrei Rusakov - Faculty, Business (Castlegar)

Deanna Nevreaumont - Instructor, HHS (Grand Forks)

Erin Rodier - Faculty, Psychology (Castlegar)

Heather Austin - Faculty, Anthropology (Castlegar)

Lucas Pavan - Instructor, SEG (Castlegar)

Patrick McGarry - Instructor, ITT - Relief (Nelson)

Anne-Marie Duchesne - Instructor, Health Care Assistant

Dyllan Lechelt - Instrutor, Pathway to STEM

Erin Perkins - Instructor, AUD

Gabriel Sawatzky - Maintenance Technician I, Carpentry

Julia Landry - Instrutor, AUD

Katerina Mrkvova - Instructor, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Nelson


November 2023

Katelyn Bilenduke - Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator (Nelson) 

Rebecca MacDonald - Student Housing Clerk, On-Call, Bookstore Support Clerk, On-Call, Building Service Worker, On-Call (Castlegar)

Jessica Cripps - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Leeza Perehudoff - Faculty Assistant - Social Innovation (Castlegar)

Andrea Stoney - Technical Analyst (Castlegar)

Shana Johnstone - Enrolment Officer, On-Call, Research Officer (Castlegar)

Theresa Negreiff - Enrolment Officer (Castlegar)

Jacob Cramton - Research Assistant, Selkirk Innovates (Trail)

Sonja Ratson - Instructor, Hairstylist (Nelson)

Veronica Roberge - Faculty, Nursing (Castlegar)

Rosellen Munroe - Faculty, Nursing (Castlegar)

Tayler Dixon - Faculty, Nursing (Castlegar)

Amanda Sigurdson - Faculty, Nursing (Castlegar)

Norbert Balignasay - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Clayton Stubbs - Building Service Worker, On-Call


October 2023

Sarvana Gakesvar Govindarajoo - Food Service Worker, On-Call

Colleen Matte - Coordinator of Donor and Alumni Engagement (Nelson)

Rachel Tetreault - Financial Aid Clerk (Castlegar)

Amy Troung - International Student Recruiter / Cultural Advisor (Castlegar)

Veronica MacLean - Faculty, Early Childhood Care Educator (Castlegar)

Martin Ferguson - Student Housing Clerk, On-Call (Castlegar)

Rosemary Paterson - Student Housing Clerk, On-Call (Castlegar)

Rosemary Paterson - Bookstore Support Clerk, On-Call (Castlegar)

Martin Ferguson - Bookstore Support Clerk, On-Call (Castlegar)

Sarang Rana - Weekend Attendant, On-Call

Martin Ferguson - Weekend Attendant, On-Call

Kristina Deenik - Faculty Assistant / Research Assistant, GIS, Selkirk Innovates (Castlegar)

Martin Ferguson - Event Services Coordinator (Castlegar)

Darlene Bidinoff - Building Service Worker (Nelson)

Martin Ferguson - Building Service Worker, On-Call

Stephen Stafford - Instructor, Hospitality & Tourism (Nelson)

Shaun Bates - Instructor, Hospitality & Tourism (Nelson)

Dyllan Lachelt - Tutor, Writing Centre (Castlegar)

Bruno-Charles Busseau - Instructor, GIS/ Remote Setting (Castlegar)

Lukas Fodor - Maintenance Technician II, Plumber/ Gas Fitter


September 2023

Bhavi Mashruwala - Business Tutor (Castlegar)

Gina Seki - Campus Facilities Coordinator (Castlegar)

Scott Humphries - Bookstore Coordinator (Castlegar)


August 2023

Baljinder Kaur - Instructor, Physics/ Math (Castlegar)

Melissa Poznikoff - Enrolment Officer (Castlegar)

Michael Priller - Maintenance Technician I, Electrician - on Call (Castlegar)

Jordan Knox - Maintenance Technician I, Electrician - on Call (Castlegar)

Dharmesh Manuja - Bookstore Support Clerk, On Call (Castlegar)

Crystal Ferriera - Accounts Payable Clerk (Castlegar)

Lisa-Ann Parker - Accounts Payable Clerk (Castlegar)

Lukas Fodor - Maintenance Technician II, Plumber/ Gas Fitter (Nelson)

Ian Parfitt - Faculty/ Instructional Release, TLC

Allison Girvan - Instructor, Private Voice Lesson (Nelson)

Sarah Relkoff - Assistant Bookstore Coordinator (Castlegar)

Tami Beatty - Bookstore Support Clerk, On Call (Castlegar)

Matty Hillman - Counsellor

Adam Thomas - Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator (Nelson)

Shelley Richards - Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator (Nelson)

Nathaniel Howard - Instructor , AUD Naksup (Nelson)

Melissa Dorey - Instructor, Indigenous Project Lead (Castlegar)

Chris Hillary - Education Developer, Micro-Credentials

Matty Hillman - Education Developer, Mental Health

Marissa Morin - Buyer (Castlegar)

Victoria Peebles - Student and Campus Life Programmer (Castlegar)


July 2023

Andrea Kosling - Instructor, Pathway to STEM 

Stacey Ashton - Executive Assistant, VP College Services (Castlegar)

Shannon Kenning - Instructor - Practical Nursing Diploma (Trail)

Jenna Thiessen - Instructor, Practical Nursing Diploma (Trail)

Katie Batstone - System Analyst Tier II (Castlegar)

Eric Ehman - Associate Project Manager (Castlegar)

Emma Harvey - HR Coordinator (Castlegar)

Andrea Stoney - Technical Analyst (Castlegar)

Rachel DeShon - Advancement Operations Assistant (Nelson)

Christie Popoff - Housing Coordinator (Castlegar)

Zan Comerford  -Instructor, Marketing (Nelson)

Sarah James - Instructor, English/ Technical Writing (Castlegar)

Phani Raj - Instructor, Psychology (Castlegar)

Naser Arda - Instructor, Economics in Hospitality and Tourism (Nelson)

Baljinder Kaur - Instructor, Physics/ Math (Castlegar)

Jenny Grieve - Welcome Centre Receptionist (Castlegar)

Shana Johnstone - Administrative Support - Applied Research and Innovation (Castlegar)

Colleen Burke - Instructor, AUD (Trail)

Mark Lada - Instructor, AUD (Kaslo)

Sabrina Van Hellemond - Office Admin and Tech Project Coordinator (Nelson)

Victoria Francis - Librarian (Castlegar)

Katherine Carpenter - Instructor, Office Admin & Technology (Castlegar)

Andrew Jupp - Manager, Advancement and Alumni Relations (Nelson)

Tyler Ballam - Education Developer 

Beth Engel - Business Analyst, IR (Castlegar)

Sarah Breen - Regional Innovation Chair (Castlegar)

Dene Shipowick - Counsellor (Castlegar)

Marita Harinen - Instructor, Student Intake (SK, Nelson) 

Lena Sherstobitoff - Learning Skills Coordinator (Castlegar)

Tamara Hudson - Instructor, English Upgrading (Nelson)

Michelle Colley - Instructor, Student Intake (Castlegar) 

Kris Olsson - Instructional Assistant, Learning Systems (Nelson)

Willis Parnell - Grounds Keeper - On Call (Nelson)


June 2023

Shanon Moser - Castlegar CSR (Castlegar)

Amanda Sigurdson - Nursing Street Outreach Leader (Castlegar)

Bhavi Mashrtuwala - Cultural Assistant (Castlegar)

Ma Charmagne Caling - Cultural Assistant (Castlegar)

Milane Kucther - Cultural Assistant (Castlegar)

Jessica Asch - Cultural Assistant (Castlegar)

Joseph Malinowski - Tool Room Attendant (Nelson)

Ashley Popoff - General Maintenance (Nelson)

Rob Schwarzer - School Chair, Industry and Trades Training (Nelson)

Milena Habrych - Purchasing Clerk (Castlegar)

Andrea Maxie - School Chair, AUD

Jeanne Kim - School Chair, Business (Castlegar)

Todd Solarik - Counsellor (Nelson)

Chelsie Panton - Instructor, Pharmacy Technician (Castlegar)

Adam Thomas - Education Develoer, Instructional Media (Nelson)

Aanyta Fahrenbruch - Department Head, Teaching and Learning (Nelson)

Duff Sutherland - School Chair, University Arts and Sciences (Castlegar)

Cassandra Armishaw - Library Technician Public Services (Castlegar)

Laura Kristian - Business Instructor, Accounting (Castlegar)

Brian Lye - Instructor, Digital Arts (Nelson)

Bruno Graziotto - Business Instructor, Accounting (Castlegar)

Taylor Norman - Business Instructor, Accounting (Castlegar)

Travis Nakken - Instructor, Carpentry (Nelson)


May 2023

Henish Modi - Building Service Worker - On call

Merri Schwartz  - Instructor, Post Grad Culinary Mgmt Program (Nelson)

Kayla Tillapaugh - Sustainability Coordinator/ Liasion (Castlegar)

Rebecca MacDonald -Building Service Worker (Castlegar)

Kara Perehudoff - Faculty Assistant - Research Assistant - Social Innovation (Castlegar)

Kristina Deenik - Research Assistant, GIS (Castlegar)

Victoria Francis - Library Technician Public Services (Castlegar)

Andrea Maxie - Instructor, Pathway to Human Services and Health Care Assistant

Jillian McKenna - Music Instructor (Nelson)

Kieran Menard - Building Service Worker (Castlegar)

Brooke Lust - Building Service Worker (Castlegar)

Meghane Lariviere - Cultural Assistant (Castlegar)

James Heth – Registrar (Castlegar)

Heather Parson - Trades Maintenance Technician (Nelson)

Marissa Carrasco - Director, Student Development (Castlegar)

Kate Nott - Program Coordinator & Project Release - AUD         

Melissa Bleier - Program Coordinator, Pharmacy Technician (Castlegar)

Ellen Strelaeff - Program Coordinator, Human Services (Castlegar)


April 2023

Gina Seki - Events Services Coordinator (Castlegar)

Bob Dodge- Invigilator (Castlegar)

Heather Johnston – Invigilator (Castlegar)

Kristoffer Olsson - Instructor Assistant, Learning Systems (Castlegar)

Naser Arda - Instructor, Economics (Castlegar)

Leanne Muzzio - Instructor, Mathematics Academic Upgrading (Nelson)

Milena Habrych  - Bookstore Support Clerk (Castlegar)

Jigarjit Kaur - Bookstore Support Clerk (Castlegar)

Martin Ferguson - Building Service Worker           

Alex Morrison-Rusas - Building Service Worker   

Rebecca MacDonald - Building Service Worker    

Mark Lada - Instructor, English Language Program

Christopher Goodwin - Building Service Worker - On call

Rachel DeShon Gabanna - Switchboard Receptionist Silver King (Nelson)

Gabriel Sawatzky - Grounds Keeper (Castlegar)

Rich Gaumont - Maintenance Technician I – Carpentry (Multi Campuses)

Jenna Thiessen - Instructor, Health Care Assistant (Trail)

Stefanie Whale - Switchboard Receptionist Silver King (Nelson)

Shannon Kenning - Instructor, Practical Nursing (Trail)

Robyn Mitz - Program Coordinator, SROAM (Nelson)

Brian Lye - Instructor, English Language Program

Mark Spielman – Invigilator (Castlegar)


March 2023

Amber Beckjord - Instructor, Hairstylist - Relief (Nelson)

Sonja Ratson - Instructor, Hairstylist - Relief (Nelson)

Katie Comrie - Healthy Campus Coordinator (Castlegar)

Luisa Zimich - Invigilator - On-Call (Castlegar)

Lindsay Anderson - Invigilator - On-Call (Castlegar)

Danica Weager - Counsellor, Indigenous Students (Castlegar)

Rod Fayant - General Maintenance (Trail)

Richard Gaumont - Grounds Keeper - On-Call (Castlegar)

Nick Howald - Chief Information Officer (Castlegar)


February 2023

Victoria Prokhorova - Systems Analyst Tier II (Castlegar)

Travis Nakken - Instructor, Carpentry Relief (Nelson)

Jocelyn Schroeder - Chair, School of Health and Human Services (Castlegar)

Stesha White - Human Resources Manager (Castlegar)

Brier Albano - Associate Vice President, Student Success (Castlegar)

Bruce Davis - Instructor, Metal Fabrication (Nelson)

Laura Nessman - School Administrative Assistant, BUS MIR (Castlegar)


December 2022

Amanda Cook -  Nursing Instructor (Castlegar & Trail)

Andras Lukacs - Instructor, Hospitality and Tourism (Nelson)

Ashley Fournier - Nursing Instructor (Castlegar)

Darrin Markvardsen - Programmer Analyst (Castlegar)

Edie Lowes - Accounting Instructor, Hospitality and Tourism (Nelson)

Erica Spink - Psychology Instructor (Castlegar)

Gaganjeet Singh - Business Analyst, Community Education & Workplace Training (Castlegar)

James Rich - Building Service Worker - On Call (Castlegar)

Jeff Witthoeft - Tool Room Attendant - On Call (Nelson)

Jenna Thiessen -Nursing Instructor (Castlegar)

Katelyn Bilenduke - CE Coordinator (Castlegar)

Lee Matheson - Instructor, Plant Operator, Relief  (Nelson)

Marianne Scott - Instructor, Health Care Assistant (Trail)

Mario Campese - Tool Room Attendant - On Call (Nelson)

Matt McAllister - Programmer Analyst (Castlegar)

Max Beauchesne - Faculty Assistant - Digital Fabrication and Design Program (Trail)

Melissa Dorey - Instructor, Indigenous Rights and Environmental Management (Castlegar)

Regan Wright - Instructor, Practical Nursing Diploma (Trail)

Richard Gaumont - Building Service Worker - On Call (Castlegar)

Shaun Bates - Instructional Assistant, Hospitality and Tourism (Nelson)

Sneha Chheda - Business Tutor – Casual (Castlegar)

Tammie Clarke - Dean, HHS & TLC (Castlegar)

Timeyin Ine - Student Housing Clerk - On Call (Castlegar)

Toni D'Andrea - Instructor, Health Care Assistant (Trail)


November 2022

James Harris - Building Service Worker (Nelson)

Aaron Retzlaff - Maintenance Technician - On Call (Castlegar)

Rod Fayant - Grounds Keeper (Trail)

Rosemary Paterson - Finance, Purchasing, Duplicating and Mailroom Clerk - On Call

Justin Tarron - Building Service Worker  (Trail)

Nona Carpenter - Accessibility Services Assistant - On Call

Paul Rodrigues - Grounds Keeper (Castlegar)

Daniel Brett - Maintenance Technician II - Plumber/ Gas Fitter     (Castlegar)

Marinna Arsenault - Food Service Worker - On Call

Stacey Matthews - Executive Director, HR & OD (Castlegar)

Krystofer Klimuk - Facilities Coordinator (Castlegar)

Sarah Lechthaler - School Chair, Health and Human Services (Castlegar)

Dawn Lea - Building Service Worker (Trail)

Kate Loeppky -  Financial Aid Clerk (Castlegar)

Marya Skrypiczajko - Mir Centre Assistant (Castlegar)

Penny Goupil - Administrative Assistant - Campus Management

Matt Kastrukoff - Instructor, Millwright/Machinist (Nelson)

Aras Balali Moghaddam - Faculty, Digital Fabrication and Design Program (Trail)


October 2022

Helen Peel – Faculty Liaison, Rural Pre-Medicine (Castlegar Campus) 

Michelle Hart – Sports Attendant, On Call 

Xochitl Donaji Faustino Montoya – Cook (Nelson) 

Elan Backerman – Cook (Castlegar) 

Tami Beatty – Food Service Worker, On Call 

Theresa Negreiff – Faculty Assistant, Co-op Education and Employment Services (Castlegar) 

Sonnboy Sumaya – Food Service Worker, On Call 

Jodi Beamish – Finance, Purchasing, Duplicating and Mailroom Clerk, On Call 

Manav Panwar – Food Service Worker, On Call 

Bill Perlitz – Maintenance Technician, On Call (Castlegar) 

Bonnie Shlakoff – Building Service Worker (Nelson) 

Gabriel Sawatzky – Building Service Worker (Nelson) 

Fraser Sutherland – Library Technician Public Services, On Call (Castlegar) 

Taya Whitehead – Vice President, Education & Students (Castlegar) 


September 2022

Melanie Perepolkin - School Administrative Assistant, SEG HHS (Castlegar Campus)

Celina Duarte – Instructor, Sustainability (Castlegar Campus)

Aubrey Demchuk – Instructor, Applied Microbiology (Castlegar Campus)

Bhavi Mashruwala – Business Tutor (Castlegar Campus)

Christopher Goodwin – Food Service Worker (Nelson)

Jessica Brown – Payroll Officer (Castlegar Campus)

Caden Goodwin – Food Service Worker (Nelson)

Victoria Frances – Library Technician (Castlegar Campus)

Skarlette Lemarie – Instructional Assistant, Culinary (Tenth Street Campus)

Hannah Roy – Instructor, SOAR (Castlegar Campus)


August 2022

Heather Bishop - Campus Manager (All Campuses)

Tanmay Deshpande - Instructor, Computer Science (Castlegar Campus)

Jason Barisoff - Maintenance Technician I, On-Call (Castlegar Campus)

Milaine Kutcher - Student Housing Clerk, On-Call (Castlegar Campus)

Mark Lada - Instructor, Academic Uptrading (Castlegar Campus)

Michael Renouf - Maintenance Technician I, On-Call (Castlegar Campus)

Dylan Tripp - Instructor, School of Environment & Geomatics (Castlegar Campus)

Bradley Moore - Instructor, Ski Resort Operations & Management (Tenth Street Campus)

Colleen Burke - Instructor, Academic Upgrading (Trail Campus)

Samantha Phillips-Salmon - Sports Attendant, On-Call (All Campuses)

Jessica Cripps - Building Services Worker, On-Call (All Campuses)

Harry Pilas - Building Services Worker, On-Call (All Campuses)

Lena Sherstobitoff - Instructor, SOAR (Castlegar Campus)

Patricia Curtiss - Student & Campus Life Programmer (Nelson Campuses)

Danielle McGovern - Instructor, School of Hospitality & Tourism (Tenth Street Campus)

Mark Arrowsmith - Instructional Assistant, Culinary Programs (Tenth Street Campus)

Melinda Nealis - Administrative Assistant, CEES (Castlegar Campus)

Kyle Gamblin - Technical Analyst (Castlegar Campus)

Melanie Perepolkin - Administrative Assistant, School of Environment & Geomatics and School of Health & Human Services (Castlegar Campus)


July 2022

Emily Millard – Instructor, Contemporary Music & Technology (Tenth Street Campus)

Tomoko Okochi - Faculty Assistant, Web Development Program (Tenth Street Campus)

Dylan Tripp - Instructor, Forest Technology Program (Castlegar Campus)

Brittany Mannetje - Instructor, Textlies Studio (Victoria Street Campus)

Jim Leitch - Instructor, School of Academic Upgrading & Development (Grand Forks Campus)

Allan Pusey - Relief Instructor, School of Industry & Trades Training (Silver King Campus)

Leanne Muzzio - Instructor, School of Academic Upgrading & Development (Silver King Campus)

Raquel Mayorga Gavilanes - Enrolment Officer (Nelson)

Jenny Grieve - Campus Service Representative, Community Education & Workplace Training (Trail Campus)

Theresa Negreiff - Campus Service Representative, Community Education & Workplace Training (Trail Campus)

Jeff Landry - Chemistry Lab Faculty Assistant, School of University Arts & Sciences (Castlegar Campus)

Shanon Moser - Campus Service Representative, Community Education & Workplace Training (Castlegar Campus)

Phyllis Poznikoff - Student Accounts Finance Clerk (Castlegar Campus)

Tanmay Deshpande - Instructor, School of University Arts & Sciences (Castlegar Campus)

Michelle Colley - Instructor, School of Academic Upgrading & Development (Nelson)

Amanda Wollenberg - Student Housing Clerk (Castlegar Campus)

Tammie Clarke - School Chair, School of Health & Human Services (Castlegar Campus)

Sarah Lechthaler - Allied Health Program Coordinator, School of Health & Human Services (Trail Campus)

Peter Golden - Instructor, Integrated Environmental Planning (Castlegar Campus)

Chantal Lortie - Instructor, Teaching & Learning (Trail Campus)

Shawn Curran - Instructor, Digital Fabrication & Design (Trail Campus)

Leah Lychowyd - Instructor, Indigenous Studies (Castlegar Campus)

Dustin Zielke - Instructor, School of University Arts & Sciences (Online)

Tamara Hudson - Instructor, School of Academic Upgrading & Development (Silver King Campus)

Katherine Carpenter - Instructor, Office Administration (Online)

Maria Van der Star - Instructor, Student Intake (Trail Campus)

Adesola Qlufade - Instructor/Engineering Program Coordinator, School of University Arts & Sciences (Castlegar Campus)

Jade Cross - Instructor, School of Health & Human Services (Trail Campus/Online)

Tanja Totzauer - Student & Campus Life Programmer (Castlegar Campus)

Harshil Patel - Enrolment Officer (Castlegar Campus)

Janqueline Inglis - Enrolment Officer (Castlegar Campus)

Michael Lojpur - Maintenance Technician I (Castlegar Campus)


June 2022

Kate Tait – Department Head, Student Access & Support (Castlegar Campus)

Tayyaba Chaudhary - Buyer (Castlegar Campus)

Gina Seki – Administrative Assistant, Rural Pre-Medicine Program (Castlegar Campus)

Stephen Colbourne – Instructor, Academic Upgrading (Trail Campus)

Arun Chambial – Business Analyst, Student Administration (Castlegar Campus)

Andrew Scherck – Program Coordinator, School of Business (Castlegar Campus)

Kecia Kemp – HR Benefits Coordinator (Castlegar Campus)

Dawn Marquardt – Accounts Payable Clerk (Castlegar Campus)

Gina Seki – Events Services Coordinator (Castlegar Campus)

Mariah Black – Payroll Officer (Castlegar Campus)

Jodi Barlow – Mailroom, Duplicating & Purchasing Support Clerk (Castlegar Campus)

Krista Mannle – Enrolment Services Coordinator (Castlegar Campus)

Maggie Keczan – Director, Communications & Public Engagement (Tenth Street Campus)

Tomoko Okochi – Instructor, Web Development (Tenth Street Campus)

Julie Pittendreich – International Cultural Assistant, On Call (Nelson)

Milane Kutcher – International Cultural Assistant, On Call (Nelson)

Murray Peglar – Instructor, Academic Upgrading (Nakusp)

Peter Ryan – Instructor, Digital Arts (Tenth Street Campus)

Justin Tarron – Building Service Worker (Nelson)


April/May 2022

Natalie Romano – Instructor, Health Care Assistant Program (Trail Campus)

Ryan Rodrigues – Building Service Worker (Castlegar/Nelson)

Melissa Thorne – Accounting Coordinator (Castlegar Campus)

Kathryn Zaworonok – Instructional Assistant, Hairstylist Program (Silver King Campus)

Nicole Wood – Instructional Assistant, Hairstylist Program (Silver King Campus)

Marita Harinen – Student and Campus Life Programmer (Castlegar Campus)

Elizabeth Engel – Manager, Institutional Research and Planning (Castlegar Campus)

Cari-Ann Gotta – Program Coordinator, Academic Upgrading & Development (multi location)

Joy Ferguson – Instructor, Nursing Program (Castlegar Campus)

Mark Farnum – IT Infrastructure Development and Support (Castlegar Campus)

Andrea Maxie – Instructor, Academic Upgrading & Development (Kaslo Learning Centre)

Rod Kellner – Maintenance Technician I (Castlegar Campus)

Gaganjeet Singh – Enrolment Officer (multi location)

Melody Diachun – School Chair, School of the Arts (Nelson)

Justin Tarron – Building Service Worker (Castlegar Campus)

Natasha Ala – Instructor, English Language Program (Castlegar Campus)

Mary Olajos – Instructor, English Language Program (Castlegar Campus)

Marissa Morin – Accounts Payable Clerk (Castlegar Campus)

Rosemary Paterson – Welcome Centre Receptionist (Castlegar Campus)

Lisa Young – Instructor, SOAR Program (Silver King Campus)

Leanne Muzzio -  Instructor, School of Academic Upgrading & Development (Trail Campus)

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