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February Career Fair A Great Success
On February 21, over 1,100 attendees and 35 exhibitors attended our BC Jobs/Selkirk College Career & Education Fair held in the Pit on Castlegar Campus. Approximately 250 high school students’ (grades 10-12) attended. Numerous Programs connected future students looking for education options or workplace training. —March 11, 2013
Discovery Day: Change Making From the Inside Out
Selkirk College Discovery Day is Friday, February 15, at Mary Hall in Nelson. Besides great food, drink, and some laughs with Lucas Myers as your entertainment at the Social, this year’s Discovery Day event will be a variety of workshops and surprises you will not want to miss. Useful home skills, playing a guitar, making a video are just some of the learning opportunities.—January 25, 2013
Selkirk Saints Having Amazing Year
The Saints picked up their 13th consecutive victory on Sat Jan 13th, setting a new record for longest winning streak in BCIHL play. They came out of the gates slowly in their first game of 2013 but picked up momentum in the night. They finished with a dramatic 4-3 from-behind over SFU in Castlegar.—January 18, 2013
Selkirk Does Well at KAST Spirit of Innovation Awards
Four finalists from Selkirk College went up against some of the region’s most innovative businesses at the recent Kootenay Association of Science and Technology (KAST) Spirit of Innovation Awards and one took home the Innovative Organization award at the end of the evening.—November 2, 2012
Airborne Alumnus Drops By In CF-18 Fighter Jet
Our Aviation Program was having a reunion celebration for its class of 2002 on Friday when, as a surprise to most, the party was crashed by a grandstanding pilot in a CF-18 fighter jet. Max Cameron, who was enrolled in the course from 2001-03 made an appearance to liven up the festivities, and did it ever work.—September 28, 2012
Sr Management First To Grab Saints Seasons Tickets
Selkirk College president Angus Graeme and Registrar Cathy Mercer were the lucky recipients of season tickets #1 and #2 hot off the presses. Student/staff season tickets now available for a limited time at $25. —September 21, 2012
Mir Centre Fall Series Kicks Off Sept 21st
We recognize world peace will come, not through one simple act but rather as the final outcome of thousands of smaller undertakings. Dialogue plays a key role. The Mir Lecture Series seeks to encourage this dialogue with the following inspiring speakers, promoting culture of peace in our communities.—September 18, 2012
Join Us To Honour Our 2012 Scope Award Recipients
Selkirk College’s Standing Committee on Professional Excellence (SCOPE) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011/2012 awards. Join us in honouring Jane Green, Garry Graham, Elizabeth Lund, Ruth Dubois and David Feldman. —June 27, 2012
Hats Off To 2012 Graduates
A total of 800 Selkirk College graduates were invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony at the Castlegar campus on Friday, April 20th. Of the 800 invited, approximately 279 participated in the Ceremony and Graduation Tea that followed. Special thanks go to all the volunteers and coordinators for making the occasion “an amazing event”!—May 2, 2012
Upcoming Community Consultations
From Feb to mid May students, staff and community have been invited to help shape Selkirk's future. Our strategic planning process is starting to gather input from our local communities. All our communities are key stakeholders in our college: the foundation upon which we’ve grown and the people we serve. Help us remain relevant, responsive, and reflective of our communities’ needs.—April 13, 2012
Don't Miss Digital Media's Geekshow 2012
Support our Digital Arts and New Media students at Geekshow 2012, their Year-End Showcase on Friday, April 13, from 6-9 pm, at Mary Hall (Tenth Street campus) in Nelson. View their latest graphic design, web development, video production, and 3D animation projects. —April 10, 2012
Have The Conversation
It's time to have the conversation and make your voice heard about the future of Selkirk College. Get involved in some very important conversations happening this week about the strategic direction for Selkirk. It's time to have the conversation and make your voice heard about the future of Selkirk College. Contact a Co-Navigator near you for more details about how you can get involved in some very important conversations happening this week about the strategic direction for Selkirk. —April 2, 2012
Time To Have The Conversation
Get involved in some very important conversations going on about our strategic direction. It's time to have the conversation and make your voice heard. Contact a Co-Navigator near you for more details about how you can make your contribution to the future of Selkirk. Check out one of the Tea for Two kits. You might find a surprise inside.—April 2, 2012
Year End Student Showcases Start This Week
Each year beginning mid March, Selkirk is treated to the talent and hard work of students as they come together creating a number of amazing year-end showcases. There is something for everyone from feasting to foot tapping, from creative design to bare knuckle business competition...it’s all there. —March 10, 2012
Remembering Lorna Marshall
On November 21st, Selkirk lost Lorna Marshall, a friend and colleague to many here at the college. Lorna joined Selkirk in 1990 and during her time here, played a key role in transforming an eight month program in Resort & Hotel management into a two year diploma program with transfer agreements to almost a dozen Canadian Universities. In order to share with you the impact Lorna had on those who worked with her, we have attached the eulogy delivered by Bob Falle, Chair of the School of Hospitality and Tourism on November 28th at the memorial service held in honour of Lorna.—December 23, 2011
Gala 2011...What A Destination
Gala 2011...Destination Education was a very successful and enjoyable night. Guests were greeted at the door with champagne in hand and moved straight from ‘debarkation’ to a global marketplace of intriguing displays created by the 14 programs and schools that ranged from the UAS Curiosity Shop to art displays by the KSA studios.—November 28, 2011
President Invites Participation In Renewal Of Strategic Plan
One of the first tasks assigned to me as President by the Board of Governors was to undertake the renewal of Selkirk College’s Strategic Plan. The current plan was launched in 2005 to cover a period of six years, so it ends this year.—November 14, 2011
Selkirk Photo Contest Winners Announced
Selkirk's 2013 Photo Competition generated stunning shots of the region in two themes - Selkirk Snapshots and The Kootenays - now held in two galleries. Three winners have been chosen from each category and presented with great prizes...Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort & local restaurant gift certificates! Check it out.—April 4, 2013
5th Annual Top Chef Serves Up Sensational Cuisine
The Fifth Annual Top Chef Competition was a sold-out success. The event is made possible by dedicated level one Professional Cook Training and Resort & Hotel Management students. The 21 first-year students put together over 5,000 bites in four and a half hours. The four teams created four dishes each, with a theme, giving diners a superb buffet.—March 20, 2013
SGRC Biodiversity Atlas Gets New Features
The SGRC, as part of ongoing development of the Biodiversity Atlas, has rolled out a new release of the site with exciting citizen science, reporting tools and map interface upgrades. Columbia Basin Biodiversity Atlas has added several citizen science observation tools. This will engage the Basin residents in promoting healthy biodiversity in our region.—March 7, 2013
Renewing Our Strategic Plan
The strategic plan development process is underway but in the very early stages. The Steering Committee has met with the Internal Consultant Team to develop the process and identify tools needed to provide everyone the opportunity to participate in defining Selkirk College’s future direction.—February 10, 2012

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