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Teacher Talks

Grade School Curriculum Impact


Meet with a Kindergarten to Grade 12 teacher who is currently implementing the new curriculum and learn how it will change our future students. Heather Shippit from Mount Sentinel will speak on Applied Learning & Competency-based Assessment.

Teacher Talks

In the fall of 2015, British Columbia began transitioning to a new curriculum that will be firmly in place by the end of 2020. The Ministry of Education describes the goals of this change as modernizing "the education system is to provide students with an education that is still rigorous, but also flexible and innovative, one from which they gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in today’s modern world.

"Another goal is making sure that teachers can deliver the curriculum efficiently and effectively. The new system provides teachers with more time and flexibility to explore topics in depth with students."

Take time over lunch to learn more about how this directive is being felt in the classroom. Students educated under this new curriculum will become our students in years to come.

On November 30 from 11:45 tp 12:20 p.m. on the Castlegar Campus, Staff Lounge.

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