Teaching & Learning Institute

Supporting student learning.

The Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) provides opportunities for faculty, instructors and other staff to discuss and explore traditional and innovative ideas about supporting our students’ learning.

Mentor Commons

Mentor Commons is an educational resource for all Selkirk College staff. The Online Learning Modules published by Magna offer instant access to 20 minute learning opporunities on over 200 topics. For more on how to access the library modules follow Magna Learning Module instructions. Watch for a Lunch & Learn session or contact Theresa Southam at the Teaching and Learning Institute at 250.505.1342 or by email.

Once you are signed in to Mentor Commons, check out these Video Learning Modules.

  1. How to Promote Growth Mindset with Three Simple Tips
  2. How Can I Create and Implement Microlectures (For Online Teaching)
  3. What Activities and Assignments Promote Critical Thinking?

Upcoming Events 


Internationalization Workshop (May 18) - An educational day for employees working with internationally educated students. Find out more...

Take Your Teaching up a Notch - Instructional Strategies (Beginning June 5) - This professional development course helps you enhance your classroom instruction. Read on...

Take Your Teaching up a Notch - Professional Practice (Beginning June 8) - This professional development course helps improve professionalism both in the classroom and career management. Find out more...

Take Your Teaching up a Notch - Evaluation of Learning (Beginning June 12) - This professional development course examines the practices that support the assessment and evaluation strategies used in education and training. Learn more...

Learning Symposium (June 19-20) - Join regional and international educators at the second annual Learning Symposium and Indigenous Educators' Summit. Share best practices with each other including exploration of growth mindset and experiential learning. Learn more...

Instructional Skills - Professional Development Opportunities Help Increase Student Learning (August 16) - Join Martin Keyserlingk in this workshop that helps you prepare for the school year ahead. Learn more...

Six Trending Topics in Teaching and Learning at Selkirk College 


  1. Healthy Learning Environments
  2. Experiential Learning
  3. Indigenization
  4. Intercultural Fluency
  5. 21st Century Learning
  6. Scholarly Teaching

Teaching Squares and Small Group Instructional Feedback

Building a teaching square or triangle involves two or three other colleagues, agreeing to visit each other's classes to learn from each other. Small Group Instructional Feedback is a process whereby your students give feedback through a facilitator and then the facilitator meets with you and your students to debrief.

Both processes are simple, fun and enlightening. If you are interested in participating in a teaching triangle/square or small group instructional feedback, please contact your Learning Fellow.

Who's Your Learning Fellow?

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