Teaching & Learning Institute

Healthy Learning Environments

Vital to Optimal Learning

The overall physical, social, and mental health of staff and students is increasingly recognized as vital to optimal learning. Recent efforts to address these aspects of the student experience include Healthy Campus Initiatives, the Student Advice Project and TEDx talks on internationalization and student mental health.

Related Project at Selkirk College

In the Healthy Learning Environments project all staff at the College will be encouraged to explore, try and add their thoughts to tips for creating healthy learning environments for themselves and students. The tips can be applied both in class and throughout the campus.

The project is organized around the following themes

  • Inclusivity
  • Social Connection
  • Real Life Learning
  • Services and Supports
  • Flexibility
  • Personal Development
  • Self-Care
  • Civic Engagement
  • Positive Culture
  • Optimal Challenge