Teaching & Learning Institute

Supporting Teachers in Educational Change

The Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) provides opportunities for faculty, instructors and other staff to discuss and explore ways of optimizing student learning.


Upcoming Events 

Teacher Talks: Student Feedback in Class and Online - Join Tammie Clarke January 17 in Nelson and January 18 in Castlegar as well as Judy McIvor on February 19 in Castlegar and February 21 in Nelson for these lunch-time learning opportunities.

Lunch & Learn: Liberating Structures - Join Teaching & Learning with a follow up to the recent Classroom Management Strategies Liberating Structures workshop in Nelson on January 31 and Castlegar on February 1

Media Enhanced Learning (PIDP 3240) - Come learn how educational technology can enhance your teaching and student learning in your courses. Blended May 9 to 10, 2018. Learn more and Register through Vancouver Community College.

Course Development Intensive - In one week two courses will be kickstarted face-to-face followed by completion online: Curriculum Development (PIDP 3210) June 11-12 and Evaluation of Learning (PIDP 3230) June 14-15. These courses provide instructors with the knowledge, skill and attitude required to create a course outline and evaluate student learning. Participants should be prepared to dedicate about 30 hours online to complete each course after participating in the face-to-face learning experience. Enrolment in one course is permitted although its recommended that you start with PIDP 3210. Learn more and Register through Vancouver Community College.

Instructional Skills Workshop - Join Martin Keyserlingk and Darcy Falkenhagen for the upcoming Instructional Skills Workshop that helps you successfully lesson plan. Offered in an in-person and online format starting August 16-17, 2018 on the Tenth Street Campus. Find out more...


Six Trending Topics in Teaching and Learning at Selkirk College 

  1. Healthy Learning Environments
  2. Experiential Learning
  3. Indigenization
  4. Intercultural Fluency
  5. 21st Century Learning
  6. Scholarly Teaching


Teaching Squares and Small Group Instructional Feedback

Building a teaching square or triangle involves two or three other colleagues, agreeing to visit each other's classes to learn from each other. Small Group Instructional Feedback is a process whereby your students give feedback through a facilitator and then the facilitator meets with you and your students to debrief.

Both processes are simple, fun and enlightening. If you are interested in participating in a teaching triangle/square or small group instructional feedback, please contact your Learning Fellow.


Who's Your Learning Fellow?

The Teaching and Learning Team includes:

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Training and Support for All Selkirk College Instructors

Drawing Connections

In 2013 the college reignited the program outcome process – a process that was embraced at the college over 15 years ago! Based on Ruth Stiehl and Les Lewchuk’s series on outcomes, Selkirk College worked with sixteen programs to create outcomes with staff and external advisory groups, map the outcomes to course curriculum and create program guides for students.

Here’s an article that gives an overview and explains why this process is so important to 21st Century learning. Tools for Building an Outcomes-Based College Curriculum

Here is a virtual network of educators working in colleges on outcomes

Course Design Intensives

Staff learned how to translate their program outcomes into course outcomes, find appropriate assessment strategies and then adopt learning activities that connect the outcomes with the students' demonstration of learning. The intensives can be modified for a variety of lengths and modes of delivery. Find out more about the next offering of this course.

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