Teaching & Learning Institute

Supporting student learning.

The Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) provides opportunities for faculty, instructors and other staff to discuss and explore traditional and innovative ideas about supporting our students’ learning.

Mentor Commons

Mentor Commons is an educational resource for all Selkirk College staff. The Online Learning Modules published by Magna offer instant access to 20 minute learning opporunities on over 200 topics. For more on how to access the library modules follow Magna Learning Module instructions. Watch for a Lunch & Learn session or contact Theresa Southam at the Teaching and Learning Institute at 250.505.1342 or by email.

Once you are signed in to Mentor Commons, check out these Video Learning Modules.

  1. How to Promote Growth Mindset with Three Simple Tips
  2. How Can I Create and Implement Microlectures (For Online Teaching)
  3. What Activities and Assignments Promote Critical Thinking?

Upcoming Events 


Teacher Talks: The K-12 Learner - Join Martin Keyserlingk for this lunch time offering. Meet with a K–12 teacher who is currently implementing the new curriculum and learn how it will change our future students. On the Tenth Street Campus, November 28. Find out more... On the Castlegar Campus, November 30. Find out more...

Six Trending Topics in Teaching and Learning at Selkirk College 


  1. Healthy Learning Environments
  2. Experiential Learning
  3. Indigenization
  4. Intercultural Fluency
  5. 21st Century Learning
  6. Scholarly Teaching

Teaching Squares and Small Group Instructional Feedback

Building a teaching square or triangle involves two or three other colleagues, agreeing to visit each other's classes to learn from each other. Small Group Instructional Feedback is a process whereby your students give feedback through a facilitator and then the facilitator meets with you and your students to debrief.

Both processes are simple, fun and enlightening. If you are interested in participating in a teaching triangle/square or small group instructional feedback, please contact your Learning Fellow.

Who's Your Learning Fellow?

Join the Teaching and Learning Institute on Twitter and Facebook. Contact Theresa Southam if you would like to get involved with TLI.

Training and Support for All Selkirk College Instructors

Course Outline Workshops

The new course outline template incorporates all of the elements of the program outcomes renewal process: outcomes, teaching strategies and assessments. 

If your program has not yet engaged in the program outcome process, you can still attend the workshops below and began making changes to your courses.

To support ALL instructors to transition to the new course outline template the Teaching and Learning Institute has invited Glenn Galy, PhD and Doug Mauger, PhD of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program to deliver the following workshops:

June 13 9:00-4:00 Room: SEN 101, Castlegar - Using the New Course Outline Template   
June 14 9:00-4:00 Room: 16, Silver King Campus - Assessing Projects and Demonstrations
June 15 9:00-4:00 Room: 308, Tenth Street Campus - Using the New Course Outline Template
June 16 9:00-4:00 Room: SEN 101, Castlegar - Assessing Higher Order Skills and Thinking
June 16 4:30-7:30 Castlegar - BBQ

Register for the workshops online

One on One Course Outline Support Sessions

Sessions are available all week in classrooms adjacent to the workshops.

In addition to the workshops instructors can book one on one, one hour sessions with staff volunteers who have experience with the new course outline template. There are no restrictions on the number of sessions booked in the week to support your course outline development.  

Sign up for one on one sessions and view the available time slots on the Moodle Development site.*
*If you have never been to the Moodle Development site, you will need to create an account to get on to the booking site.

Each day mentors can be booked for one on one sessions to work on an instructor's course outline(s).

Updating Course Outlines is the Final Step in Curriculum Renewal

Normally, course learning outcomes have required the approval of Education Council.

However, until August 2017, EdCo has approved a variance that allows instructors to make changes to the course outcomes and assessments sections of the new course outline template in collaboration with their School Chair --- that is, without going through the normal approval process.

EdCo has agreed to this variance in order to facilitate a smooth and easy transition to the new course outline template.

After August 2017, the normal Curriculum Committee, Admissions and Standards and Education Council approval processes will be in place.

Listen to and watch Neil Coburn, Vice President, Education and Students explain the process in video form. Follow this link and use the password "CurriculumD3V"

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