Operational Updates

Space Utilization Study Kicks Off

Building a Stronger Future through Data-Informed Decision-Making


Cresa, the vendor selected through an RFP process, is launching a space utilization study across all campuses and learning centres. The study was spurred by the college’s need to achieve effective and consistent space utilization across all facilities. As space on campus continues to be at a premium, this work is imperative to the college’s future planning.

“We need to understand more about our space and how it’s used,” says Kerry Clarke, vice president, college services/CFO. “Taking a data-driven approach to this will result in informed decision-making, helping us move forward in serving students better in the coming years.”

Cresa will begin 3D scanning all rooms of all campuses and learning centres on Monday, November 21. This process will likely take three weeks.

This work is not being undertaken for any immediate reconfigurations or renovations. The data will help ensure that any future planning decisions are based upon an accurate understanding of the current and future needs of the college.

The Cresa team may need to briefly enter your office to perform the 3D scan. Please cooperate, it should be a very brief disruption. Cresa has been instructed not to interrupt any classes and will complete scans of learning areas outside of class hours.

The 3D scanner blurs facial features of anyone captured by the scan. Anyone who is uncomfortable being captured in the scan is welcome to leave the room briefly while the scan is completed.

The study falls under the direction of “Modernization of Facilities, Technology and Operations,” a cornerstone in the college’s Strategic Plan 2019—2024, and relates to the Five-Year Capital Plan and Campus Master Plan.

We will share updates about this project. To find out more about Cresa, visit cresa.com. If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Clarke.