Operational Updates

SCOPE: Awarding Excellence (Deadline for Nominations)

Do you know an exceptional Selkirk College educator? The Selkirk College Faculty Association’s Standing Committee on Professional Excellence (SCOPE) invites you to show your appreciation with a nomination for a Scope Award.

Selkirk College is an institution that prides itself on providing an inspired learning environment. Do you know an exceptional instructor who has inspired you, or contributed to the successof students at Selkirk? If yes, the Selkirk College Standing Committee on Professional Excellence wants to hear from you.

Deadline is April 15, 2019.

To be elligible, the instructor must:

  • be an SCFA member
  • have at least 3 total years of service
  • have not received the award in the past five years

Selkirk College Employees

You can fill out the digital nomination form and submit your nomination online now.


Please let students know that they can access information and the nomination form on selkirk.ca

Important note: This nomination is confidential.

Celebratory Event

2018/2019 SCOPE award winners are honoured at an event in September 2019. If your nomination is successful, you will be emailed with an invitation to attend.

For more information please contact Carol Andrews, Chair of the SCOPE Committee.

Learn about Selkirk College's  2017-18 SCOPE Award Recipients: Allyson Perrott, Muditha Heenkenda and Doug Henderson.