Operational Updates


Website & MySelkirk Update

The college’s web renewal project team has been hard at work over the summer developing page designs, information architecture, creating new content, updating current content and much more all in preparation for the launch of the new site.

All indications are that we will begin the actual movement of content to the new selkirk.ca this week. How long this process will take is difficult to predict as we are unable to anticipate all the issues that may arise. A ballpark completion date would be early October. We will keep you posted regarding the exact dates as they are established.

Early this summer we announced that the newly completed MySelkirk staff intranet would serve only as a static source of staff related information while specific Communications and Web Team staff were refocused on the building of the new college website. This was not an ideal situation but unavoidable.

Communications has endeavored to fill the information void with the low tech bi-weekly Grapevine Update accompanied by ‘All Employee’ messages where necessary because of timing.

Our plan is to launch the new college website and to re-launch MySelkirk for Staff at the same time. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Barry Auliffe


Director of Communications, Marketing and Development