Operational Updates


Steering Aurora - Meet the Steering Committee

An Update for Selkirk College Employees


Monthly Project Aurora Steering Committee meetings continue with Vice President of Student Advancement John Kincaid and Director of Finance Barb Ihlen replacing retiree Gary Leier as Executive Sponsor. 

The strong and engaged team brings their areas of expertise to the table:

  • John Kincaid, Registrar/Students
  • Barb Ihlen, Finance
  • Liana Zwick, Transformation Lead
  • Neil Coburn, VP Education
  • David Feldman, Dean/Students
  • Darrell Hicks, Information Technology
  • Justine Jarrett, Finance Lead
  • Andrea Hall, Project Accountant
  • Kathleen Ayre, Student Module Lead
  • Marianne Walsh, Information Technology
  • Arleen Gallo, Human Resources

“As the implementation team is immersing in requirements discovery and solution design processes, the Steering Committee role becomes more critical in guiding this work,” says Zwick.

Project Aurora Update

Finance is leading the way as our first business unit or functional area in the implementation process. Their requirements discovery and solution design phases are now complete. Unit4 has now assumed the lead with Finance team members in a build/train approach; Finance super-users and subject matter experts learn and train in the use of the new system while simultaneously building the agreed upon design.

The solution design encompasses many Finance processes from budgetary control to “procure to pay,” ultimately developing the end-user experience in automated workflow processes. 

“This change will revolutionize the way we do business with our employees and students and we are starting to see this realized,” says Ihlen. “We need to be sure we are making every effort to make this an effective tool for the college so we can serve people better.”

Meanwhile, the Human Resources component is in the final stages of requirements discovery, which will enable the completion of solution design. The end of this process is marked by Selkirk College’s sign-off of Business Requirement Solution Design Documentation (BRSDD) documents. These documents form the basis/building blocks of the HR/Payroll solution.

Next up, the Student module kicks off on January 23 with Vancouver Island University and Unit4 in Nanaimo.

“Through the hard work and dedication of project team members we remain on track.  We are collaborating with our VIU partners to design and build a solution that will meet and ideally exceed our needs. With the able guidance of our Unit4 leads we are building and beginning to learn about what our new platform can do,” says Zwick. “The challenge for us at this time is to remain open to new ways of doing our work –imagine taking ourselves out of our current way of doing things so that we can see a better way of achieving the same and bigger goals.”

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