Operational Updates


Funding Aurora - A Major Capital Project

Investing in the Selkirk College's Future


Project Aurora is a $6.6 million capital investment that will revolutionize the way Selkirk College conducts business.

“Aurora takes us out of the 1980s DOS programming era propelling us into the 21st Century,” says Barb Ihlen, Executive Co-Sponsor and Director of Finance.

Of important note is that no money from day to day operations like programming and services for students will be diverted to Aurora, Ihlen says.

The Ministry of Advanced Education has committed $3 million for the project while Selkirk College is utilizing a combination of other capital funds along with cash reserves if needed totaling  $3.6 million to pay for the remainder of the project.

Should you have any questions about Project Aurora, please contact Holly Steenvoorden, Change Manager.

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