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Experiencing a Traumatic Event

Recovery and Coping Strategies


In light of the recent accident north of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, you may be experiencing various levels of reactions. This will depend on the degree to which you have been impacted, your exposure, relatability and proximity to the incident itself.

It can be a serious accident such as the recent tragedy or an act of violence, a natural disaster or some other incident that has left people directly or indirectly involved feeling unsettled or seriously impacted. The purpose of this special Homewood Health newsletter is to help you understand some possible reactions you may be experiencing as a result of this incident and provide suggestions regarding the best ways to manage your reactions and begin your recovery.

Read on for a deeper understanding of trauma as well as recovery and coping strategies:

Experiencing a Traumatic Event

Managers of Selkirk College staff can help support employees affected by a traumatic event. Learn more about stress reactions and what you can do:

Recommendations for Managers

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