Operational Updates


Steering Aurora - Meet the Steering Committee
Monthly Project Aurora Steering Committee meetings continue with Vice President of Student Advancement John Kincaid and Director of Finance Barb Ihlen replacing retiree Gary Leier as Executive Sponsor. —January 22, 2018
Early Alert Aims to Connect Students Needing Help
Are you concerned about a student? Maybe they aren't coming to class or haven't signed into their online course. They may seem distressed or overwhelmed. The Early Alert Program is here to help.—January 2, 2018
Discover More about the Changing Learner
Selkirk College’s day of employee learning and engagement is just around the corner and this year’s Discovery Day keynote address is coming from one of our local high schools.—February 7, 2018
Learning about Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are a complex, serious and sometimes fatal illness that cause severe disturbances to an individual’s eating behaviour, their sense of identity, self-worth, and self-esteem. —February 7, 2018
Order Your Faculty Grad Gown
This year's graduation ceremony and tea will be held on the Castlegar Campus on Friday, April 27. There's still plenty of work to be done by students and staff before we get to this important finish line but it's already time to order your gowns.—January 18, 2018
Funding Aurora - A Major Capital Project
Project Aurora is a $6.6 million capital investment that will revolutionize the way Selkirk College conducts business.—February 20, 2018
Connect Online for Remote Aurora Sessions
Building off the successful sessions offered at Discovery Day, Project Aurora is hosting remote sessions to provide further updates to all Selkirk College employees.—March 2, 2018
Textbook Requisition
The Selkirk College Bookstore is getting ready for the Spring semester of learning. Get your textbook requests in to ensure top service for our students.—March 8, 2018
Implementing Aurora's Finance Transformation
Selkirk College has three strong teams with solid leadership working to tackle implementation of Project Aurora. Each team lead has a working group managing the incredibly important details that will take Aurora from concept to reality. —March 5, 2018
Pausing to Express Aurora Gratitude
They say it takes a village to raise a child… we say the same applies to Project Aurora. The last few months have seen much change at the College; new faces, new positions, a changing of the guard in some cases, as it were.—March 19, 2018
Human Resources Coordinator Joins HR Team
Eliza Green has accepted the position of Human Resources Coordinator and joined the HR Team on March 6th. Eliza comes from CSL IT Services in Vancouver where she worked as a Human Resources Coordinator.—March 19, 2018
Vice President Education Welcomes New Executive Assistant
I’d like to thank Donna Mackie for her wonderful service, not only to the Office of the Vice President Education, but in the various roles she has played at Selkirk College. I’m very happy to introduce you to Jennifer Lashek, the successful candidate for the position of Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President Education.—March 19, 2018
SCOPE: Awarding Excellence (Deadline for Nominations)
The Selkirk College Faculty Association’s Standing Committee on Professional Excellence (SCOPE) invites you to show your appreciation with a nomination for a SCOPE award.—March 7, 2018
Project Aurora Survey Gathering Input
Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey on Project Aurora. Communication of your thoughts, questions, concerns and suggestions is vital to the success of the Project; without it, we cannot know how to best support the College community through both development and implementation. —March 19, 2018
New Employees Join HR Team
Barry Aadum and Trina Sutherland join the Human Resources team at Selkirk College.—March 21, 2018
Grad 2018 is here!
Are you ready for Selkirk College 2017 graduation day? This is a rewarding opportunity to be part of our students' very special day while connecting with employees from all campuses.—April 24, 2018
Aurora's Student Module Implementation Update
The Student Module kicked off in January and for the last number of weeks, the team has been looking at Student Financial (billing), Academic Curriculum Management, Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Student Information and Student Life & Advancement.—April 9, 2018
Experiencing a Traumatic Event
In light of the recent accident north of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, you may be experiencing various levels of reactions. This will depend on the degree to which you have been impacted, your exposure, relatability and proximity to the incident itself.—April 12, 2018
Share your Feedback from Grad
While the day is still fresh in your mind, please take a moment and let us know what worked well, what could be better and anything else you feel is pertinent to future graduation and other events.—May 1, 2018
Textbook Requisition
Submit your textbook requisitions by May 15 as the Bookstore is getting ready for the Fall semester of learning at Selkirk College. —April 23, 2018
Employees Invited to Project Aurora Discussion Sessions
Join Project Aurora Executive Sponsors on your campus this May for a discussion session. This is the perfect opportunity to dialogue on Aurora - find out the results of the recent feedback survey, learn updates and ask questions.—April 25, 2018
Talent, Passion, Participation Employment Conference
Selkirk College is hosting a conference and we are inviting community members (employers, employees, service providers, job searchers, students from across our region) to come and join us in Castlegar on Monday May 28th. The speakers, panels and workshops are going to be excellent! We hope our employees can join us too!—May 11, 2018
New Campus Manager Arrives
We are pleased to announce that Pauline de Grandpre has accepted the position of Campus Manager and will be will be filling in this position for Holly Steenvoorden for the next year or more as Holly helps with the team implementing Project Aurora.—March 13, 2018
Improved First Aid Procedures at Castlegar Campus
To better serve our Castlegar Campus and have available emergency services when needed, Castlegar first aid services are improving by implementing an emergency number you can call from your cellphone (250.304.6528) and a process to distinguish major and minor injuries.—April 9, 2018
Experiencing Natural Disaster
In light of the current crisis resulting from the impact of wildfires, many people are feeling fearful, uncertain, anxious and worried about the consequences of this disaster. As this is an unpredictable event with devastating consequences. —August 15, 2018
Back to School Bookstore Staff Hours
Time has been set aside for employees to shop the Selkirk College Bookstore before opening to students for extended hours during fall intake.—August 29, 2018
Staying Safe During Bike to College Week
The Selkirk College Health & Safety team wants to help ensure your safe ride to and from our college campuses during Bike to College Week from September 17 to 21, 2018. Whether you’re a cyclist or a driver, follow the tips below to make it a safer ride for those on bikes. —September 13, 2018
Improved First Aid Procedures at Tenth Street Camp
To better serve our Tenth Street Campus and have available emergency services when needed, first aid services are improving by implementing an emergency number you can call from your cellphone and a process to distinguish major and minor injuries.—July 19, 2018
Use Early Alert to Connect Students Needing Help
Are you concerned about a student? Maybe they aren't coming to class or haven't signed into their online course. They may seem distressed or overwhelmed.—August 23, 2018
Textbook Requisition Winter 2019
Instructors are asked to submit their textbook requisitions for the Winter semester to ensure they are available in time for classes. The deadline is October 15.—September 28, 2018
Join the Discovery Day Committee
Selkirk College's employee Discovery Day committee is seeking new members to help plan the annual day of employee engagement. —September 19, 2018
Finance Reaches Project Aurora Testing Phase
The Selkirk College Finance Department has arrived to the testing phase of Project Aurora and the next few months will be busy. As the upgrade of support systems and processes continues, all staff are reminded that patience is required to ensure team members are able to work towards the end goal.—August 23, 2018
New Recycling and Waste Units Unveiled
Environmental sustainability is one of Selkirk College’s pillars of success. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and creating a culture of sustainability on campus. One way to address our carbon footprint is by working to reduce the amount of waste we are sending to the landfill.—September 13, 2018
Re-energizing Yourself For The New Year
Congratulations, you've made it through holiday season and the long month of January. As you continue re-energizing yourself for the new year, remember to set realistic goals, stay optimistic and excited.—February 1, 2018