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The Dangers of Social Media on your Mental Health

Homewood Health Offers Insight into the Social Media Phenomena


With technology evolving every minute, it's only natural that social media - and how we use it - is constantly changing. Basic instant messaging has evolved into a dizzying array of ways to create, share and engage with one another. 

It starts with content that comes at us from the moment we grab our cell phones in the morning, througout the work day, and long into the evening on computers, tablets and laptops. It's completely changed the way we communicate, interact and even how we feel about ourselves and others. 

Homewood Health is the Selkirk College Employee & Family Assistance Provider (EFAP). They have recently released an information package comprehensively tackling how social media is impacting users. Learn more...

Homewood Health: The Dangers of Social Media on your Mental Health

The services Homewood Health provide are included in your benefit package and there are plenty of great resources available. You can head to their website for more information.


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