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Reduce Stress by Taking Financial Care

What Can Be Done?


Financial stress can affect more than your wallet; it can have a ripple effect, impacting your health and relationships. 

The relationship between mental health and finances in some instances are dynamically linked. Experiencing difficulties with your mental health may contribute to financial difficulties, and vice versa, as an example, failing to meet your financial obligations due to challenges with anxiety or depression or alternatively experiencing anxiety or depression due to mounting financial debt.

The November edition of Life Lines features information about how debt is impacting Canadian families as well as valuable tops on how to take care of your finances to reduce stress. Read more: How Taking Care of Your Finances Can Reduce Your Stress Level

Homewood Health is the Selkirk College Employee & Family Assistance Provider (EFAP). Homewood Health puts out an easy-to-read monthly newsletter that provides tips and information that make life healthier and happier. 

The services Homewood Health provide are included in your benefit package and there are plenty of great resources available. You can head to their website for more information.

If you have any questions on Homewood Health or your benefits please contact Paula Quist in the HR Department.