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Join the Discover Day Team

Committee Members Sought


Discovery Day is an annual event held for all Selkirk College employees that brings everyone together to learn from each other and socially connect.

Our Discovery Day planning committee is looking for new team members to help organize this event. Are you interested? Please get in touch with Director of Student Development Rhonda Schmitz who will welcome you on board. The committee is set to have its first meeting on Monday, September 11.

Bring your ideas and enthusiasm to the table and join the crew eager to make the February 2018 event a must attend for everyone at Selkirk College.

Learn more about last year's Healthy Campus themed Discovery Day. And check out more pictures from the 2017 event.


Staff Discovery Day

Pat Bidart, Instructional Dean, Hospitality, Tourism & Cosmetology, SEG and Business welcomes staff to the 2017 Healthy Campus Themed Discovery Day.