Operational Updates


Guiding Employees Through Change

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional


While change can signal exciting new developments, opportunities and learning benefitting the organization and its staff, it can also evoke deep feelings of insecurity, confusion, grief and fear. Recognizing and acknowledging these natural responses within your team as you introduce change is important.

Adding major changes into an environment many already view as emotionally taxing is something that must be approached compassionately, empathetically and pragmatically for best outcomes. Consciously supporting and guiding teams through change makes all the difference in whether new processes, technology, roles and corporate culture result in emotional discord and lost productivity… or a marked, positive experience of personal and professional growth.

In all cases where change is imminent within the organization there are steps that could be taken to lay a solid foundation on which to build.

Read more in Homewood Health's Vitality Newsletter Issue 3. Viality is an EFAP Newsletter put out by Homewood Health, Selkirk College's Employee & Family Assistance Provider (EFAP).

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