Operational Updates


Early Alert Aims to Connect Students Needing Help

Do you know a student who is struggling?


Are you concerned about a student? Maybe they aren't coming to class or haven't signed into their online course. They may seem distressed or overwhelmed.

You’ve tried to connect with your student but it’s not working out, or you’ve spoken with this individual and let him/her know that they might want to get more support, but you’re not sure what’s available.

Early Alert is a service provided by the Student Access and Support Department for staff and students who encounter these situations. The Early Alert Program focuses on the first five weeks of the semester. This Winter, Early Altert is open January 9 to February 10. Support is available for students throughout the year; however, Early Alert focuses on the first five weeks to try and help students make changes that may improve their performance before they fall too far behind.

Use the online form available through MySelkirk - Tools and Resources. Include as much information as you can (comments are really helpful) and a member of the Early Alert team will do their best to contact your student, guide them through the process of accessing help at Selkirk or even make an introduction to someone in counseling, financial aid, disability services or learning support.

Although the Early Alert team can’t report anything discussed with your student, they will let you know if they were able to make contact. This decreases the chance that this student will slip through the safety net.

You can refer a student to any member of Student Access and Support at any time, but offering a student support early in the semester (well before mid-term) gives the individual the best chance for success.


Find out more about Early Alert and a list of Student Access and Support Department members.