Operational Updates


Call for Humanitarian Award Applications

Connecting Selkirk with Community Humanitarian Efforts


The Humanitarian Award supports Selkirk College's Strategic Directions by increasing the number of international enrolments at the college, removing barriers to access and connecting the college with community organizations locally and abroad.

In 2009, Selkirk College established a Humanitarian Award as a means for the following:

  • Connects the college with community humanitarian efforts
  • Participates in global humanitarian efforts
  • Enrichs the learning experiences of local learners
  • Supports government international enrolment goals.

Submit an Application

If you wish to submit an application, you can click on the Funding Application for Humanitarian Award. Applications can be submitted to Natasha Makortoff by April 15, 2017.  Subject to available funding, another round of applications may be accepted in June 2017.