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Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities

A note from Nadya Sofonoff and Andrew Green


As some of you may be aware, Disability Services has undergone a name change to Accessibility Services. This more current and inclusive expression of our services has been well received. We want to inform you of other changes to our services in hopes of better serving students.

Over the summer, we have been working with Marketing to establish this new name with re-branding and revising our collateral and signage, as well as our content on the College website.

This name change is also reflected in our job titles.

Trish Foy and Gail Pighin (Castlegar Campus); Myriam Spencer and Julie Robinson (Nelson Campuses) are now Accessibility Coordinators.
Nadya Sofonoff and Andrew Green (Castlegar Campus based) are now Accessibility Services Assistants.

In the locations where it is important to retain the words “for students with disabilities," this subtitle will be evident but not leading. For instance on the website, key content headings may read “Accessibility Services for students with disabilities." We felt it was important to retain some reference to disabilities for key word search purposes.

Another place where our name change is evident is in our email address.

In the past, correspondence from our Invigilation Centre was primarily through Nadya’s email account. We now have an email address accessibilityservices<at>selkirk<dot>ca  for all student-related correspondence to and from you and students. Of course, should you wish to correspond on other matters with either Nadya or Andrew, feel welcome to use our individual email accounts found in your Groupwise contact list.

Please note that our new office hours will be more defined.

We will have set office hours starting the middle week of September through to the last week of classes in December; and from the middle week of January through to the last week of classes in April. These hours are set out below. During the rest of the year, office hours will usually be 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. when our Centre is open. We also post a calendar on our door each month to indicate our schedule.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our office hours will be from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with a one hour closure for lunch. The time of the lunch closure will be dependent on any student exams in progress; therefore, will not necessarily be at the same time each day. When the Centre is closed for lunch, we will place a clock sign on the outside of our door to indicate the time of return.

Tuesday and Thursday our office hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., with our one hour lunch breaks. We will stagger our workday start/end times, and do our best to coordinate lunch breaks with each other. For those times when it is necessary, we will use the clock sign on the outside of our door to indicate the time of return.

Now, for an explanation of how these set office hours will impact exam invigilation for you and our mutual students.
It remains our goal to have our students write their quizzes/exams as close to the same time as the rest of the class as possible without them missing any class time, and while working within their individual timetables and our office hours. We will continue to request the quizzes/exams via email 2 or 3 days in advance of the quiz/exam date. Attached to the exam request email will be the revised Invigilation Instruction Form for you to complete and return with the exam either electronically or by hand delivery.

Please note an important change on this form: The quiz/exam is now required to be submitted to our office by 1:00 p.m. the day before the examination date. This change is to allow us to be prepared, for when the student arrives to write their quiz/exam.

If a student is unable to complete a quiz/exam on its scheduled day and time according to their academic accommodations (e.g. Extended time, etc.), we will need to re-schedule the exam for a different time on a different day—perhaps the Tuesday or Thursday will work best.

Considering the above with regard to quizzes/exams, please note that we are advising our students that it will be their responsibility to provide us accurate information well in advance. You can expect students to approach you with questions as to the dates, start times, quiz/exam length and format, will there be lecture before or after the quiz/exam? will this quiz/exam require a computer? etc..

While course outlines usually provide us general information in terms of evaluative events, they do not provide the level of detail we require to set up the exam arrangements according to the students’ academic accommodations. Course supplemental sheets usually give more information; yet there are still unanswered quiz/exam aspects we need to know about.

We are also hoping that these extended hours will give both instructors and students a greater opportunity to meet and/or correspond with us outside of class times.

You will also be receiving revised and freshly branded forms. One of those forms from us is the electronic, fillable Invigilation Instruction Form as attached. If, upon opening the document, it appears skewed, then click the upper ribbon on “View”, then on “Edit document” to complete online and attach to an email, or to prepare for printing.

We are looking forward to working together with you in support of our students, and to share in their success.

Nadya Sofonoff & Andrew Green
Accessibility Services Assistants

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