Operational Updates


Early Alert Aims to Connect Students Needing Help
Early Alert is Selkirk College's online referral system created to help connect students who may be facing challenges in their courses or programs with the appropriate college services and improve their chances of success.—January 3, 2017
Making Your Benefits Mobile
Selkirk College Plan Members can now access a digital version of their benefits card through Group Benefits Mobile. This means that everything you need to use your benefit plan is now available through your mobile device. —July 29, 2016
Holiday Health Kit Takes on Trauma
The January 2017 edition of Homewood Health aims to help us understand trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.—January 3, 2017
Group Benefits and the Municipal Pension Plan
Selkirk College employees who contribute to the Municipal Pension Plan and are preparing for retirement should take a look at some changes regarding group benefits.—October 6, 2016
Grad Committee Members Sought
The countdown to Graduation 2017 is on and as Selkirk College sends its 50th Anniversary class off in style, committee members are key to the event's success.—January 3, 2017
Early Alert is Closed
Early Alert is now closed for the Winter 2017 semester and will re-open in the Fall 2017 semester.—February 15, 2017
Homewood Health Talks Love and Healthy Relationships
This newsletter is intended to support your wellness programming by providing employees and their family members with useful information and tips. —February 2, 2017
Order Your Grad Gown Today
This year's graduation ceremony and tea will be held on the Castlegar Campus on Friday, April 28. There's still plenty of work to be done by students and staff before we get to this important finish line but it's already time to order your gowns.—January 27, 2017
Canadian Rural Revitalization Inviting Submissions
What if you could put your research results, projects, or ideas into the hands of those who would use it to make life in rural Canada better?—February 15, 2017
Discovery Day 2017 Feedback Sought
Thanks to everybody who participated in Selkirk College’s Staff Discovery Day. It was a fantastic event with wonderful workshops and plenty of team building. The Planning Committee would now like feedback on your experience at Tuesday's event.—February 15, 2017
Linking Exercise and Nutrition to a Healthy Mind
Eating well and getting regular exercise are important factors in maintaining a healthy body but what do those actions mean for your mental health?—February 20, 2017
Kate Pelletier’s Departure and Dean Portfolio Transition
The recent departure of Kate Pelletier last month has meant a transition for the Selkirk College administration team. —March 3, 2017
Find Co-op in Nelson
The Co-op Education and Employment Services department will be working from the Tenth Street campus in room P-102 on Tuesday's starting February 21.—February 3, 2017
The Dangers of Social Media on your Mental Health
It's no longer just a cliche. We really are all connected 24/7 no matter where in the world. Be aware that social media can have a negative impact on your mental health.—February 28, 2017
Six Steps to Reducing Work Stress
There are ways to deal with the causes of stress and strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Find out how to manage work-place stress.—March 22, 2017
Options for Sexual Health Clinic Open
The Options for Sexual Health clinic serves students as a drop-in clinic run by nurses and students in the Selkirk College Nursing Program. Now in its fifth year, the supervisor of the program is reaching out to faculty to help spread the word on this valuable service.—September 14, 2016
Homewood Health Talks About Life Lines
This newsletter is intended to support your wellness programming by providing employees and their family members with useful information and tips.—January 3, 2017
Text Book Adoption Forms Due
New Selkirk College Bookstore Coordinator Scott Humphries reminds all instructors to submit textbook adoption forms before summer holidays begin.—April 24, 2017
How to Access Your T4 Statement
The Payroll office has been busy preparing the 2016 T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid slips for all our employees. Tax slips are now ready.—March 9, 2017
Homewood Health May Newsletter
This newsletter is intended to support your wellness programming by providing employees and their family members with useful information and tips.—May 1, 2017
Get Involved in Educational Governance
Looking for an opportunity to be involved in educational governance? Becoming a member of the Selkirk College Board of Governors or Education Council can provide this avenue.—March 27, 2017
Call for Humanitarian Award Applications
The Humanitarian Award supports Selkirk College's Strategic Directions by increasing the number of international enrolments at the college, removing barriers to access and connecting the college with community organizations locally and abroad.—March 27, 2017
Vintage 50th Tees Giveaway
The Selkirk College Marketing Department had some Team 50 shirts made up for the various events that took place over the last 18 months. Plenty of people flew the Selkirk College colours in our communities, but now that the t-shirts have completed their service, they are up for grabs.—July 4, 2017
Get Connected Ambassadors Needed
We are looking for "Selkirk College Ambassadors" to help with registration, meals, activities and campus tours at Castlegar's Get Connected event held September 5. Enjoy a delicious lunch along side our new and returning students while you welcome them to Selkirk College. —August 9, 2017
Join the Discover Day Team
Be part of planning the annual staff Discovery Day. Your help is key to the event's success.—June 21, 2017
The Impact of Sleep on your Health
Quality sleep is as important to your health as diet, nutrition and exercise - Just what the doctor ordered.—August 9, 2017
Get Connected Ambassadors Needed for Nelson
We are looking for "Selkirk College Ambassadors" to help with registration and activities at Nelson's Get Connected event held September 6. Help welcome our new and returning students to Selkirk College!—August 21, 2017
Cafeterias Preparing for Fall Semester
The Fall Semester is on its way and you’re probably working up an appetite just thinking about it. After closures during the mid-summer, the Selkirk College cafeterias will be open for the 2017-2018 learning year.—June 29, 2017
Funding for Professional Development
There are many opportunities for staff to access support for professional development through Selkirk College. Learn more!—June 14, 2017
Youth, Teens and Mental Health
It's no secret that emotions and actions of youth and teenagers can be a dizzying array of ups and downs, quirks and contradictions. But some behaviours are not a normal part of growing up.—August 10, 2017
Submitting Benefits Claims Online with Manulife
Submitting claims just got easier! Now you can save time and get faster refunds by submitting ALL your claims online or through Manulife Mobile. —August 9, 2017
Early Alert Aims to Connect Students Needing Help
Are you concerned about a student? Maybe they aren't coming to class or haven't signed into their online course. They may seem distressed or overwhelmed. The Early Alert Program is here to help.—September 8, 2017
Library Launches Discovery
The Library has launched Discovery, a search layer that lets you search all library resources at once. You can now search all of our databases and our book catalogue in one step.—August 24, 2017
Guiding Employees Through Change
As organizations evolve to keep up with a marketplace – indeed, with the world – advancing at lightning speed, they are constantly seeking new, better and more efficient methods, processes and procedures for the workplace. It’s resulted in something that affects nearly every employee in every industry: the inevitability of change.—August 24, 2017
Understanding Depression
Everybody goes through ups and downs in their lives, but normal life experiences shouldn’t be confused with the serious mental disorder known as Depression.—August 24, 2017
Winter Textbook Requisition
The Selkirk College Bookstore is getting ready for winter semester. Get your textbook requests in to ensure top service for our students.—October 10, 2017
River Arts Symposium
Selkirk College and Emily Carr University are hosting the River Arts Symposium: Reimagining the Columbia Across Borders that brings together artists inspired by the Columbia River for a weekend honouring our waterway on May 11 to 13.—November 2, 2017
Mindfulness: Meditation and Everyday Practice
Mindfulness is the maintaining of moment-by-moment consciousness of our though, feelings, bodily sensations, and our relationship and interaction with the surrounding environment. There are many benefits.—October 5, 2017
Safe Needle Disposal Boxes Installed
Selkirk College is continuing our efforts to create a safe environment for all employees and students who come to our institution. In doing so we have recently installed used syringe depository boxes in some of our washrooms. —November 7, 2017
Transitional Training Student Help Hungry Peers with Holiday Hampers
Help connect students in need. Students taking the Transitional Training Program at Selkirk College’s Silver King Campus in Nelson raised money through hard work, determination and goodwill to put together holiday hampers benefiting hungry students. Do you know a student in need?—November 30, 2017
Instructional Skills Workshop Refill and First Timer Draw
Sign up for the upcoming Instructional Skills Workshop starting mid-December and enter your name into the Refill and First Timer Draw.—November 23, 2017
Support Transitional Training Students at the Market
Transitional Training students at Selkirk College have been creating beautiful, handmade treats that will be for sale at seasonal craft fair's throughout the Kootenays. —November 15, 2017
Spotlight on Selkirk College Advancement
Structural changes have been implemented in the Communications & Advancement Department (formally the Marketing Department) to support students through helping to remove barriers to access and assist the college in continuing to build a sustainable future.—October 12, 2017
How to Reduce your Holiday Stress
Eight out of 10 people anticipate stress during the holidays according to the American Psychological Association. Homewood Health offers up tips to manage the mental challenges that come with the season.—December 7, 2017
Reduce Stress by Taking Financial Care
Financial stress can affect more than your wallet. It's ripple effect can impact health and relationships. Homewood Health offers tips to lower your financial stress in this month's Life Lines newsletter.—November 14, 2017
Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities
As some of you may be aware, Disability Services has undergone a name change to Accessibility Services. This more current and inclusive expression of our services has been well received. We want to inform you of other changes to our services in hopes of better serving students.—October 19, 2017
Manulife Financial Makes Drug Care Changes
Our benefits provider, Manulife, has modified its drug oversight program, DrugWatch, and is also offering a new program, the Specialty Drug Care Program (SDCP) both will be in effect January 1, 2018.—December 18, 2017
Budget Development Briefing for 2018-2019
The annual cycle of budget development is now underway. Selkirk College President Angus Graeme has issued a communication to all staff inviting everyone to learn more about this important process that impacts everything that we do.—November 23, 2017