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Social Media Helps Put Bums in the Seats

Here's Your Opportunity to Get Involved in Spreading the Message


Depending on who you talk to, social media is a brilliant form of modern communication or an idle waste of time. Here at Selkirk College, both the Marketing and Communications departments will certainly argue the former.

Social media is an important tool for our college to reach out to the masses for promotion of all the amazing programs we have to offer. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn we are able to easily reach diverse audiences close to home and around the world.

Instagram social media plea

Vice President of Education & Students Neil Coburn took this photo of the Castlegar Campus in early January during a snow storm. It was posted on Instagram and got great response from our followers.

One of the cool things about social media is that it allows all of us to get involved at some level when it comes to the promotion of Selkirk College. It’s always within grasp of the entire college team and there are easy ways to make it a more effective tool.

Case-in-point took place during one of our recent snowstorms. As Vice President of Education & Students Neil Coburn arrived to the Castlegar Campus early in the morning, he snapped a photo on his phone of what the campus looked like (the photo you see above). He quickly texted it to Communications Coordinator Bob Hall who was getting ready for work (Neil arrives really early to work). While eating breakfast, Bob posted the photo on Instagram and it immediately started receiving likes. In the end it turned out to be one of our higher traffic posts in recent memory.

All of this took very little effort and we reached a significant audience. It’s just that easy.

How Do You Get Involved?

So here’s the pitch. The Marketing and Communications departments want to see more of this. If you capture something fun, interesting, beautiful, newsworthy or even strange, text it to us. We can then post it to one of the social media outlets.

Social media is all about consistent and eye-catching content. At a place like Selkirk College, we are surrounded by great content every minute of the day.

You can text images to Bob Hall at 250.551.4185 or Robin Phelan at 250.505.6224 . Provide a little explanation of what is going on and he will post it to the appropriate platform. You can also email them images at bhall@selkirk.ca or rphelan@selkirk.ca if you prefer.

And while you are thinking about social media and how it benefits Selkirk College, make sure you like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same. The same goes for Instagram, Twitter and the other various social media outlets that help promote all of our programs.


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