Operational Updates


Silver King Renewal Update One

Planning Phase Continues With Staff Involvement


The Selkirk College Silver King Campus is currently undergoing an $18.9 million renewal that will see the 50-year-old Nelson facility transformed into a modern learning centre. The project includes a major renovation to the trades training facilities and addition of a student commons space that will support the whole learner.

The team leading this two-year project includes both internal and external experts who will guide Selkirk College through this exciting transformation. It is important that staff on all campuses are kept in the loop regarding this project’s progress as it moves towards substantial completion by April, 2018.

Silver King Renewal Update One

Selkirk College staff took part in a working group for the Student Commons component of the project to provide valuable input.

The following are highlights of the last few weeks of the project:

  • A user group meeting for the Student Commons portion of the project was held on May 24. This meeting included members of the project team who were joined by Director of Student & Enrolment Services/Registrar Cathy Mercer, Student Access & Support Department Head Tami O’Meara, Learning Skills Coordinator Laurie Jarvis, Student Counsellor Dianne Schwartz, student representative Michael Zaitsoff (metal fabrication/welding), student representative Clayton Nylen (carpentry), Student Union representative Gabrielle Faludi, Disability Advisor Myriam Spencer, Food & Residence Manager Delina Underwood, Silver King Administrative Assistant Holly Martin, and Associate Registrar Jim O’Meara. The focus of this meeting was to develop the list of spaces that will be included in the Student Commons component of the project. There was discussion on how these spaces interact with each other. Participants were involved in gaming exercises to start looking how these spaces should feel and function. Finally, there was a tour of the existing facilities.
  • A meeting with the City of Nelson was held on May 24 to discuss code and permitting issues.
  • User group meetings for the trades buildings was held on May 24/25 and included instructors, support staff and maintenance team members. Project Manager Tomer Curiel (Colliers) and Architect Ray Wolfe (Stantec) and their teams reviewed workflows, equipment lists and layouts for equipment with each of the trades programs.
  • The cost consultant RFP (request for proposals) was issued to a pre-selected shortlist of consultants. A cost consultant (also known as a professional quantity surveyor) is a formally trained and accredited professional in the estimating field. The cost consultant’s role includes: 1) Preparing estimates for the construction work; 2) Assisting with the analysis of options and value engineering; and 3) Ensuring value for money when changes are proposed. In Canada, cost consultants are regulated by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (for more information visit ciqs.org).

Please direct any questions about the Silver King Renewal to Selkirk College Communications Coordinator Bob Hall.