Operational Updates


New Mileage Forms Now Available

Start Using New Forms to Ensure Proper Reimbursement


There are two new mileage reimbursement forms for employees.

The form you use depends on whether you have one or multiple campuses that you report to on a regular basis. You can find at the Finance Form section of MySelkirk.

New Mileage Forms

The "Regular Mileage Form" is quite similar to the form you are used to with one small change: there is no longer reference to regular versus irregular travel. The new "Multi-Campus Mileage Form" includes a section for you to indicate your morning and evening commute, and your business travel. The first line will show an example for you to follow.

These forms support the changes implemented in January to Policy 9400, Section U - Mileage Reimbursement.


If you have any questions at any time on what form to use, or how to complete the forms, please contact Justine Jarrett in the Finance Department.