Operational Updates


New Dean Position Created to Better Serve Students and Staff

Growth and Opportunity Requires Additional Leadership


The Education & Students Division is evolving in order to better serve a growing number of students, respond to additional community opportunities and successfully support our strategic directions.

The current configuration of Dean portfolios was put in place in 2009. Since then many changes have taken place: increased enrolments, increased staffing, new strategic initiatives, greater emphasis on community and industry collaborations, increased activity in applied research and innovation, and a much greater emphasis on revenue generation from non-government sources.

The senior administrative team was reduced when enrolments and budgets were shrinking (five to eight years ago) and now some additional administrative capacity is needed to meet current operational and strategic demands. For example, enrolments this year are 40 per cent higher than 2011 levels. This increase has been met with a concurrent increase in instructional and other staff. These student/staff increases require further support at the Dean level. In addition, the Deans have experienced a growth in responsibilities in a number of areas within their respective portfolios. Therefore, the number of Schools in each Dean’s portfolio is being reduced and a new Dean position will be created on the Tenth Street Campus. The Dean posting will go up shortly and the position is expected be filled later this Spring or Summer.

The new organizational structure will provide a number of benefits to the institution, students, School Chairs, instructors and staff which include:

  • A senior leadership position will now be assigned to the Tenth Street Campus, Selkirk’s third largest campus.
  • With fewer Schools in their portfolio, each Dean will be able to provide enhanced service to School Chairs, programs and instructors.
  • Better support for students and relevant programming which means more time to address changing demographics and enrolments, student mental health issues and healthy campus initiatives, changing government priorities, workforce development, increased community expectations, regional development needs and industry interactions.
  • An increased capacity for focused leadership and attention to major institutional strategic responsibilities in applied research and innovation, teaching and learning, instructional development, internationalization, indigenization, workforce development, and strategic enrolment management.
  • Institutional development and succession planning.

The new Dean will oversee the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Cosmetology, the School of Business, and the School of Environment & Geomatics. The three Schools have a common career/industry programming focus and other linkages that should make this a successful portfolio combination. The Dean will be based out of the Tenth Street Campus, but will also have a responsibility to maintain a presence at the Castlegar Campus.

This position has been budgeted for and is a reconfiguration of the yet unfilled Director of Applied Research position proposed in late 2014. After some further discussion and reflection, it was determined that those resources would produce greater benefits in an additional Dean position. The focus on applied research and innovation will still be enhanced as the Dean responsible for that area, Rhys Andrews, will have reduced responsibilities elsewhere. The focus on revenue generation in applied research and elsewhere will also continue. As an example, in the 2015/16 college budget the AVED grant makes up less than 60 per cent of revenue coming into the college.

For the Dean job posting please see selkirk.ca. The revised Education & Students organizational structure chart is currently being reworked and will be up at selkirk.ca in the near future.


If you have any questions about this new position please contact Neil Coburn via email or ext: 21285