Operational Updates


Policy Review Feedback Requested From The College Community
Policy 9400: Travel - Reimbursement of College Business Expenses, Policy 8612: Grading, and Policy 6020: Scent Safe Campus are policies needing to be reviewed and feedback provided by the college community. The Policy Review Committee reviews existing policy on a regular basis in order to incorporate your input and to ensure that written policy reflects actual practice.—December 10, 2015
January Specials at the Selkirk Cafeterias
We're off and rolling on a new semester of learning at Selkirk College. An important part of making the semester run smoothly is having enough gas in the tank to get the job done. The cafeterias at both the Castlegar Campus and Silver King Campus have what you need to keep you at your best.—January 13, 2016
February Lunch Specials at Selkirk Cafeterias
The Winter Semester is well underway and so are the lunch special offerings at the Selkirk College cafeterias. There's always something awesome at the Ripple Cafe (Castlegar Campus) and the Glacier Cafe (Silver King Campus. From naan pizzas to California clubhouse to fire dustetd calamari pita... there is plenty of choice.—January 27, 2016
Homewood Health Talks Mental Illness
Homewood Health is the Selkirk College Employee & Family Assistance Provider (EFAP). Homewood Health puts out a montly newsletter that provides tips and information that make life healthier and happier. It's easy to read and this month the focus is mental illness—January 26, 2016
Social Media Helps Put Bums in the Seats
Social media is an important tool for Selkirk College to reach out to the masses for promotion of all the amazing programs we have to offer. There are plenty of great opportunities for you to help contribute to the many different social media outlets.—January 26, 2016
New Dean Position Created to Better Serve Students and Staff
The Education & Students Division is evolving in order to better serve a growing number of students, respond to additional community opportunities and successfully support our strategic directions. The new Dean will oversee the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Cosmetology, the School of Business, and the School of Environment & Geomatics —January 10, 2016
Rate Change for College Pension Plan Members
College Pension Plan Members (BCGEU, SCFA and Exempt) and the employer (Selkirk College) will see a contribution rate increase of 0.1 per cent effective April 1, 2016. That means rates for both members and employers are going up $1 for every $1,000 of salary.—January 27, 2016
Tips for Mental and Emotional Fitness
This month’s offering from Homewood Health—the Selkirk College Employee & Family Assistance Plan provider—covers the topic of ensuring mental and emotional fitness. There are some great tips in their Life Lines newsletter that are worth checking out.—April 27, 2016
Changes to the Municipal Pension Plan
On April 20, the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees announced changes to group benefits for retired members. Changes will become effective January 1, 2017.—April 27, 2016
Homewood Health Helps You Get Fit and Trim
During the month of June, Selkirk College’s Employee & Family Assistance provider is helping you shape up with the 30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge. With support from the Registered Dieticians of Canada, you can make some positive changes to improve your physical and mental well-being—and get in great shape.—May 20, 2016
Summer Hours Now in Effect at Cafeterias
With graduation now achieved, the cafeterias at the Castlegar Campus and Silver King Campus have now moved into the summer menu portion of the year. The Glacier Café (Silver King Campus) and Ripple Café (Castlegar Campus) will both be open with limited hours and limited menus.—April 28, 2016
Cafeterias Preparing for Fall Semester
The Castlegar cafeteria and Tenth Street Cafe will both open with limited menus on Monday, August 29 to provide coffee, baking, gourmet sandwiches and soup for students, staff and families on campus.—August 22, 2016
Silver King Renewal Update One
The Selkirk College Silver King Campus is currently undergoing an $18.9 million renewal that will see the 50-year-old Nelson facility transformed into a modern learning centre. This is an update of the work that has been taking place over the last couple of weeks.—June 13, 2016
Valuable Tips from Homewood Health
Homewood Health is Selkirk College's Employee & Family Assistance Provider of services. Homewood Health puts together a monthly newsletter called Life Lines which provides valuable information on topics that may be of interest.—August 17, 2016
October 2016 Cafeteria Specials
The Selkirk College Food Services team is once again in full swing and offering plenty of great specials at both the Ripple Cafe (Castlegar Campus) and Glacier Cafe (Silver King Campus).—October 6, 2016
November Specials at the Selkirk Cafeterias
November is one of the busiest months at all our campuses. When hunger is vital to keep the momentum moving forward, be sure to check out what's being served at the cafeterias.—November 16, 2016
Indigenization Task Force Members Sought
This is to request expressions of interest for Selkirk College faculty or staff of indigenous descent to join the Task Force on the Governance Process for the Indigenization of Education. The Task Force is currently looking for two members. —November 16, 2016
Sign Up for Free Pension Seminars
The fall schedule for the Municipal Pension Plan free member seminars is now posted on the website. The Pension Corporation is excited to get the seminar season under way with seminars offered across B.C. These pension seminars provide the key pension information you need to plan and prepare for your retirement.—September 14, 2016
Tree of Sharing
As with past years, Selkirk College will be supporting the Community Harvest Food Bank (Castlegar) and Salvation Army (Nelson) in their efforts to fill hampers for families in our area, and with these hampers will go toys for the kids. —December 5, 2016
New Mileage Forms Now Available
There are two new mileage reimbursement forms for employees which you can find at the Finance Form section of MySelkirk. The form you use depends on whether you have one or multiple campuses that you report to on a regular basis.—July 29, 2016
Get Started on Self-Care
Looking after yourself is an important part of living a happy and healthy life. Self-care refers to the activities and practices that we deliberately choose to engage in on a regular basis to maintain and enhance our health and well-being. Selkirk College's EFAP provider has a great resource you can use to help in this capacity.—July 12, 2016
Reducing Holiday Stress
Looking after yourself is an important part of living a happy and healthy life. Reducing Holiday Stress, focuses on ways you can enjoy the holidays without getting lost in the hustle and bustle.—November 17, 2016
Holiday Health Kit
As part of your Employee and Family Assistance Program, we are excited to attach the Holiday Health Kit – ‘Winter is Coming!’, compliments of Homewood Health. —December 8, 2016