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Tips for a Healthy and Safe 2015

Take a Few Minutes to Get Familiar with Processes


Welcome to a New Year, 2015! The Human Resources and Health & Safety departments would like to ask you to take a few minutes to focus your attention on Selkirk College and our Safety objectives for the 2015. The goal is to continue to have a workplace that is committed to being safe and fostering a workplace that takes a shared responsibility to our own safety and that of our co-workers.

Here are some reminders on how we, as individuals can actively be a part of achieving this goal. 

Safety reminder

Ensure you take your time during the more challenging conditions that can be thrown our way over the course of the year.

Be safe at work! How? By reporting hazards when you see them, reporting injuries when you have them (to your supervisor, first aid, or Health and Safety Coordinator Ruby Chambers) and by following the proper protocol to manage your injury. If you are unsure as to protocol and procedures, call Health and Safety Coordinator Ruby Chambers or Human Resources, and they will be happy to give you a quick orientation. 

Safety Tips to Remember:

  • You are able to access first aid services by calling the switchboard operator, dialing "first aid" in your Shoretel phone directory (choose your campus) or by calling one of the people on the list attached.
  • A fire alarm bell always means evacuate the building to your marshaling area (exception alarm testing the system during the summer, you are always notified in advance of this).
  • Report all injuries immediately.
  • Report all hazards (torn carpet, ice, snow, bees, anything that can cause harm).
  • Wear appropriate footwear/clothing for the weather conditions.
  • Drive safely.

Being safe is all of our responsibility. By doing your part, we can all enjoy a safe and healthy workplace. Let's make it happen for 2015!

First Aid Attendants at Selkirk College


If you have any questions please contact Ruby Chambers.