Operational Updates


New System for Computer Restarts

Computers Will Automatically Restart Each Morning on Castlegar Campus


Did you know restarting your computer daily is good for your PC? Restarting a computer closes all the files and applications you have been running and gives your machine a fresh start. More importantly, it protects your PC by installing Windows Updates. Without a restart, your machine doesn't have the full protection it needs.

Starting March 1, all computers (staff and lab) on the Castlegar Campus will be set to automatically restart at 5 a.m. each day. The timing is 5 a.m. because the restarts need to happen after all the nightly backups have run on the servers. (The Windows servers get restarted as well).

Computer restart

This ensures that updates are installed overnight, while giving you the benefit of a machine that is ready to go every morning. As always, please make sure you that you save all of your documents and log out of your computer when you leave for the day. The rest will happen automatically.  

Any laptop not connected to the network still get Windows Updates applied automatically directly from Microsoft through Windows Updates. However, restarts happen whenever the users restart their machines manually.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Marianne Walsh via email or phone at ext. 21440.