Operational Updates


End of VHS Support at Selkirk College

Era for Technological Workhorse Comes to a Close


This summer, IT Services will be pulling VHS players from classrooms on all campuses.

VHS done

If you still use Library VHS material in your classroom and wish to continue using it in the future, please contact the Library as soon as possible. Arrangements will need to be made to replace tapes by converting the existing tape to DVD, purchasing a new DVD copy or by acquiring streaming rights.

If the VHS material you are using is outdated, the Library can assist with sourcing newer material.

And just some fun facts about VHS... it stands for Video Home System, was developed for home use by Victor Company of Japan (JVC) starting in 1974 and faced strong competition in those early years from Sony's Betamax!


Please contact College Librarian Gregg Currie by email or at 250.365.1263 if you have questions.