Operational Updates


A Reminder About Purchasing Procedures

Important to Follow the Procedures


Selkirk College Manager of Finance Andrea Hall and Buyer Jocelyn Templeman would like to take this opportunity to remind staff of some of the procedures for acquiring goods or services for the College. All acquisitions are governed by the Acquisition of Goods and Services policy, and our Employee Code of Conduct also has some important relevance to how we go about College procurements.

There are several routes available depending on the value of the purchase and the nature of the goods or services:

  • Petty cash – up to $100 with supervisor approval for very small purchases in local stores.
  • Cheque requisition or honoraium – up to $1,000 if purchases qualify for these (e.g. honorarium for a one-time payment for services to a person not on regular payroll or contract, or cheque requisition for small local emergency purchases where the vendor won’t take a credit card).
  • College Mastercard if you have one, providing the obligations for use of the card are met.

All other purchases should be initiated by submission of a purchase requisition, signed by your supervisor with the relevant account code detailing what you need and where you believe it could be obtained. There are some very important reasons that only the Purchasing Department has authority to make most purchases on behalf of the College, and it is their duty to ensure that we are meeting our obligations as a public sector organization, for example:

  • Liability issues (e.g. insurance, WCB, permits etc).
  • Ensuring we are being fair and transparent in our business dealings.
  • Ensuring that we are obtaining "best value" to the College.
  • Ensuring that all relevant policies and procedures are being adhered to.

Remember that anything that we pay for constitutes a "purchase." This could include lab supplies, new equipment, professional services, advertising, space rental, software licenses, society memberships, equipment repairs, bus transportation, etc. Only the Buyer or Manager of Finance has the authority to "pledge the credit of the College", i.e. to promise to pay "someone" for "something."

Fully committed to the College’s vision of Service Excellence, the Purchasing Department offers on-going support to ensure future purchases are conducted within Selkirk College policies and in a timely fashion.

Find out more information on the purchasing policy and the Selkirk College code of conduct. Purchasing forms can be found at selkirk.ca.


If you have any questions please contact Andrea Hall or Jocelyn Templeman.